Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains—free update and expansion!

No worries, not very well worded on my part.

I think that the SP issue is that the value for current monster SP needs to be adjusted along with max HP.

Combat reroll example.

#Take a defensive stance. (Attack ÷2, Defense ×2)

You take a defensive stance to lower your chances of being hurt.

*set mc_attack_roll ((die_roll_attack_mc_1 + die_roll_attack_mc_2)/2)
*set mc_defence_roll ((die_roll_defence_mc_1 + die_roll_defence_mc_2)*2)

*goto begin_round

*label begin_round

*set round +1

*set monster_1_attack_roll (die_roll_attack_monster_1 + die_roll_attack_monster_2)
*set monster_1_defence_roll (die_roll_defence_monster_1 + die_roll_defence_monster_2)
*set MC_defence_roll (die_roll_defence_mc_1 +die_roll_defence_mc_2)

There are a few other similar things, but I think that checking if an MC roll has been set before rolling within this function be enough.

Looking forward to the expansion!

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Dude, I completely forgot I even sent you this Thank you for responding. lol

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@BismDweller BismDweller Thanks! I have hopefully fixed that (sending a fix to CoG in the next few days with quite a few new fixes etc):slight_smile:

@Zarkrai my focus is not quite on adding more weapons etc at the moment… I need to prioritize other stuff. HOWEVER, I have added three more races, gray dwarf, dark elf and lizardfolk… but, to access them you need to use the cheat code “evilraces”. If you playtest them a bit and have some extra comments I am happy to try to incorporate. :slight_smile: Particularly, if any of the options doesn’t work for lizardfolk, let me know…

v1.2.2. (base game: 143,000 words + 34,000 words) “Life as a Lich” sequel preparation

-Updated to allow “Life as a Lich” sequel.

-New side mission to discover necromancy book.

-Reworking of the encounter with the troubadors.

-It is now possible to finish the game as a lich.

-3 extra races added to the game.


Is this currently in-game right now or do we have to wait until it updates first? Cause right now I don’t see the update option on the Steam version.

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I sent to CoG, but it’s the weekend so hopefully it’ll be done time next week when they get a chance…

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The update is live!

I think there may still be some defense rerolling in the monster_counterattack part of the code. Fighting should be fixed with that gone but I think you need to add defense roll where we can use offensive magic or items.

I like the new wizard part (is it supposed to be accessible), but I’m pretty sure that we don’t have any mana during the fight with the Salt Crystal (won with a weapon). I also got ray of fire even when picking the water option and climbing rocks increases swimming.

I’ll check out the rest of it tomorrow.


Thanks! Please do let me know if you can confirm any bugs, and I can try to get those fixed as soon as possible (every new big update always has a few bugs… hoping to get those fixed this week!)


This was pretty fun, I’ve only got minor notes.

Wrong text after lizard race selection.

*if (allow_playing_evil_races =1) #I am a member of the lizardfolk (Swimming +2, Defense +1; HATED RACE)
You are a long-lived elf. (Swimming +2, Defense +1)
*set MC_race “lizardfolk”

Wrong text in the house.

*if ((spell_strength >0) and (mana >0)) #Cast a Strength spell and smash the stone coffin.
*set mana -1
You cast the Spell of Strength and smash the cellar door.

repetitive text after god selection.

Vegron paused, weighing the consequences of your choice. “So be it, kid. May Baedad guide your steps for the rest of your life.”

When the ceremony was over your mother took you by the arm and walked with you outside. “So, Baedad? Well, I guess you’re going to have to live with the consequences of that for the rest of your life.”

A god bug which has probably always been there.

*if (patron_God = “Lythanthir”) #Asmahathar was the enemy of my patron god, Lythanthir. I hated everything that Asmahathar represents.

*set relationship_Lythanthir %-20
*set relationship_Asmahathar %+20

Gold amounts don’t change with difficulty on the wizard backstory.

The difficulty HP bug is also still there.

HP 6/5: 120%

I was able to read about necromancy twice, I don’t think the game remembers temp variables when returning to quests like this.

Some chests after fights in secret rooms didn’t appear and I could ask about certain spectacles indefinitely.

Great work otherwise!

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@BismDweller Thanks! Those really help a lot, I am now sending a new updated version to CoG, which should hopefully solve almost all the bugs you reported. The only one is about the chests after the fights in the secret rooms… do you have any screenshots?

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Here is a video talking about all the changes, plus some other random talk on Life as a Lich!


Interesting, definitely won’t ignore the troubadours on my next run.

The bug with the secret rooms is pretty hard to trigger, I just remember setting a wooden statue on fire and not getting any treasure.

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Let me know if you do manage to trigger it, and any other feedback that you have! (have you tried playing one of the “evil” races? Do they work ok?)

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