Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains—free update and expansion!

Not given the option. But i am encoutering them

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Mmmmm do you have the chance to talk to them? As in, you can talk to meet Lenitri and her brother, and then go for a walk with either of them? You can then go back to talk to them? Can you access the dialogue sequences? (same for Mydralla/Dreiruth)

Both the walk and the shrine show up for me after the dwarf tomb quest.

Really liking this so far BTW, I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. Only bugs I reached so far are defensive combat apparently not doing anything differently and Lenitri’s name not appearing in the discussion after the rescue.

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Glad you are liking it! :slight_smile:

Can you let me know a bit more about these two bugs? (what do you mean by defensive combat not doing anything differently? Do you have any screenshots?) Also, where do you mean that Lenitri’s name doesn’t appear?

Glad that you can go for a walk and the shrine. Did you manage to go with them to the forest clearing or cave?

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After you rescue Lenitri, if you converse with her before returning her to her father, her name and pronouns do not show up in the narratives.
Attached screenshot after selecting, How did the orcs capture you?


@Bridgetpearl @BismDweller ah, I think I found the bug, just submitting to CoG now…


That’s fixed it, thanks!

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Let me know if you encounter any other bugs, or if you have some suggestions on how to improve the game! :slight_smile: (also, I am guessing you can continue having conversations with them, in total you should be able to encounter either Lenitri 4 times -including the time you save her- and her brother 3 times…

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Time loop is not fixed

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Was this game also updated on Steam?

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If it was updated, it’s been updated everywhere.

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oh… mmmmm… ok, I am wondering why this is happening.

I mean, that error message is something I coded in, to make sure nothing wrong was happening (as in, the game getting caught in a loop and me not noticing during playtesting).

The code is:

*if (town_round>10)

[b]Error:[/b] Time loop at town. Aborting game. Please notify publisher of this error.


But… it could be that, as there is now more to do in the town, that this town_round limit of 10 is too short? Is this what is happening? (you are doing many things in the town, and then the game suddenly crashes…). By expanding the content of the town, I may have inadvertedly created this problem…

Mydralla is also broken if that hasn’t been resolved. If you get through her dialogue a few times it breaks the game, you can’t even open the game after that

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@Agonyzyr @AMER1CANN1NJA09 I have just tried to correct the bug with Mydralla and with the town, and CoG kindly uploaded it. Hopefully it should be fixed now? (but let me know if the problem persists…

I found two bugs I killed the manticore, and every creature afterwards started speaking like the manticore and using moves from the manticore I couldn’t sell any Mana potions at the shop, even though I had absolutely no use for them

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The enemy HP isn’t adjusted correctly by difficulty levels, also found the manticore bug.

HP 4/3: 133%
You cast Ray of Fire on the ratman.
(Ratman − 2 HP)
The manticore hisses, “Ah…that spell may protect you from my sting, but what will protect you from my claws???”

Must have just been unlucky during my defensive fighting earlier.

I’ve beaten the game a few times now and have done most things including completing both romances, my highest score so far was in the 85k range IIRC.(hard level). Thanks for writing!

ETA: Turns out that I was partly right about the defense, the game is rolling MC_defence_roll twice in the begin_round function. This naturally cancels out earlier modifications.

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@adrao Since you plan on working on this eventually. Can you give us a hint of what the new classes are? And whether you’ll add the lizard race as a playable race! I’m begging ya! LET ME PLAY AS THEM!!!

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@adrao I would like it if you would consider adding party members in RIPM. Idk if they’re somewhat in-game in some form but if not, it would be nice to have them. I feel like in most fantasy games like this, having a team feels like the norm. Even better if they were ROs. I kind of wanted to create a balanced team of my Orc fighter, an Triton mage, Elven rogue and Lizard priest as a example.

I also see in the codes somewhere that it listed two-handed swords even though I’ve never seen any two-handed swords showed up at all. The same with armors. It’s listed in the codes but I’ve never seen any armors to wear.

@Phantomblade the current version of the game should have solved the manticore problem, thanks for reporting and sorry that it took so long for me to answer!

@BismDweller thanks for reporting… although I couldn’t quite understand
“The enemy HP isn’t adjusted correctly by difficulty levels” and “Turns out that I was partly right about the defense, the game is rolling MC_defence_roll twice in the begin_round function. This naturally cancels out earlier modifications.” Are these problems still there?

@Zarkrai I might add the lizard race in the next patch, although adding a team is not something that I am currently thinking. Basically it would be too difficult to do structurally… if I ever get around to writing a 2nd part to this game (and the plot is kind of in my head) I may consider the possibility of companions. About the armors and double handed swords… I cannot remember if there are any in there or not (sounds crazy, given that I am the writer, but I cannot fully remember what objects are where anymore!)

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Would it be possible to add two-handed weapons (and more variety and other types of weapons) and armors in the next update for it? And maybe a few more customization options for our appearance like skin color and casual clothings and whatever unique features the lizard race might have like horns and different types of tails like blunted, bladed, normal, etc?

By that, do you mean a possible sequel to this or extending the current one by adding a whole new main story expansion and new areas?

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