Quicktest issues in Windows 10/PowerShell

I’m having problems getting quicktest to run in Windows 10. I’m opening up Window’s new ‘PowerShell’, rather than the command prompt, to run quicktest, and I’m getting this result (see image below).

Randomtest, conversely, seems to run fine.

Any help? Any other pertinent information I need to give?

Is starting quicktest via the html file in firefox also not working?

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There is no need to use powershell all you have to do is to open the .html file ( Mozilla is preferred )

It looks like an illegal return statement (line 295). Check if it’s inside the function.

If you’re desperate to use the command line versions of the tests, install node and use it that way.

E.g. node autotest.js {params}

Most people use the .html equivalents. The bat files aren’t know for their ease or reliability.

Wuh… wait. You can run quicktest in the browser?

You learn something new every day, I guess. I’ve only ever run it from the command line.

'Kay, I’ll try that. Thanks.

EDIT: Yup, works fine now. Thanks again for that!