Quicktest and Randomtest crash

I just downloaded the latest version of CS from github. But even with the default sample game included in the download, Quicktest doesn’t work.

This is the error from Quicktest:

F:\Docs\Choice of Games\CS\cs-jan2018>java -jar js.jar -w -opt -1 -debug autotest.js mygame
js: "autotest.js", line 295: invalid return
js: if (exitCode) return;
js: ....................^

I also can’t use command line arguments with Randomtest. It runs if I just type Randomtest, at least, but I can’t run Randomtest 1 or Randomtest 500:

java -jar js.jar randomtest.js 500  1>randomtest-output.txt
js: "randomtest.js", line 38: exception from uncaught JavaScript throw: Error: Couldn't parse argument 1: 500

I’m on a system that just recently upgraded from Windows 7 to 10, but the old versions of Quicktest and Randomtest I have in my old folders still work and the latter still accepts arguments.

You need to update a certain program on your system.


The JRE, maybe? I’ll try it, at least.

EDIT: No change.