Questions from a newbie


Ok so i created this thread for two reasons 1. I have a question 2.So people like myself can ask questions that can readily be by other people


So my question, how do i upload my demo to CoG


You don’t upload it directly to Cog but rather you use a service like Dropbox to host it.

Alternative to DBox is this:


Yes but how do i share the link without also sending the rest of the game (the code namely)


You compile the game first. Just search ‘compile.html’ on the forums and download the fixed file.


People can look at your code even if the game is compiled, you can’t hide it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@ballmot Good to know
@gkkiller thanks for the pointer


@Al_K_B, first, welcome to the forum!

When a newbie has a question, we’d rather they:

(1) Used the forum search function to see if anyone else has asked/answered that question. For example, if you’d searched for “upload,” you’d have immediately seen at least three other threads answering your question.

(2) If the search function doesn’t turn up anything useful, then start a new thread using a title which makes clear what the question is. In your case, “How do I upload my demo to CoG?”

A thread called “questions from a newbie” (or “I’ve got a question” or “hey! just wanted to ask…” etc.) isn’t very helpful for anyone else looking for an answer to the same question.

I’m closing the topic, but I hope you’ll keep looking for answers to questions on the forum… it’s a helpful community!