Questions about Transferring Games and Playing on Difference Devices

Hello guys! Recently I bought a new device. And I wanted to transfer the games on it but when I went to download, there was a price… is it possible to transfer somehow games from my old phone to new and repurchase them? I really don’t wanna pay for everything again since its a lot of money to waste. Thanks for your time!!


If your new phone uses the same Operating System, and has the same Appstore then you can transfer the apps.


Like op said, if you have the same account linked to both devices you should be able to restore purchases


If that is not possible use helium app (also requires to be installed on a pc ) to back up all choice games and restore them on new device (its lenghty process).


Thanx guys gonna try it!!!


If you need help with helium, let me know, ill create a guide for you :slight_smile:

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What exactly is helium? And does having put out the sd card from my old and put in new will prevent me extracting the games? Cause I can’t see them here… sorry I am not good with phones​:joy::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Your games should just be viewable in your Appstore and you can just
re-download them.

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Helium is a app u can find in playstore, its free

Steps you need to follow.

  1. You will need a usb cable and a pc

  2. You need to have helium app on all 3 devices (your old one, new one and pc version for pc)

  3. After installing helium on your old phone connect it to pc, (make sure helium is already installed on your pc and is running)

  4. Let the devices synchronize and a green tick will appear on pc if every thing is good

Note :

You need to have developer mode enabled on both mobile devices and both need to have “usb debugging’” enabled

some devices may need to be set to PTP mode to enable transfer but usually the standard media transfer works fine.

Now once above steps are done you need to select which apps you need to backup there wont be names only icons so be careful :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you need to select "enable data storage " which saves both apk and its data

Then select the apks you want and store them in sd card (main memory, not SD card!)

Now thats half work done

Go to your phones main memory and look for a folder called carbon.

Now copy that folder and transfer it to your new device. Make sure you have the storage location of carbon folder same as of old device)

Now connect your new device to pc and wait for syn, then select “restore”

Select all the apps

Hit restore

Thats it thats IT !!!

Sorry for writing this long story (hopefully i can turn it into a choice game in future :p)

Wait are you using 2 device with diff platforms? I.e ios and android?

I thought this too!! But when I went to download the game versus… it showed a price… I could only download it after paying 4 euros​:scream::scream: !! I don’t know how I can 're purchase it if I can’t download it!! I think…

No no… I am using android. The old one is samsung j5 and the other is galaxy s7 edge. And I use one sd card. All games are on the card! So I am not sure if Helios will help but I am going to try it as soon as I get home from work!!!:grin::grin:

If you go to the Playstore, then click on “My apps & games” and “all”, does it show your apps in that list?


Omg… Omg… . Yes!!! How I never thought about that!!! Yes!!! Than you very much!!!


See, it wasnt that hard :wink:

The helium process could have taken a lot of time, im glad it worked the other way.

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If you use helium and it’s lengthy then there is a app in playstore called
App Backup and Restore
It creates apks for your downloaded apps then you can move them easily to anywhere PC or to another phone.


If you want to transfer your game from one phone to another ,you can try using the Android phone transfer tool .
With it , i transfered apps from Android to Android , at the same time , it can be used to transfer and backup everything to computer ,i don’t know which transfer tool can beat it

Data transfer task is not difficult ,the hard part is how do you connect the phone correctly , as long as your phone is connected to computer , you will be able to transfer anything from Android to Android phone in a safe way ,
You see here :

Can I play the games I bought on my phone here on the PC?

Just bought Lucid’s bundle of early games (Wizard, Mobster, Paradox) to transfer over but they don’t seem to want to be recognised by the HG omnibus. Can anybody help? I sent a couple emails but with the current situation I am unsure if anyone is checking them…

Customer support works M-F 9-5 EST.