Questions about the forum

I am new to this forum(I know I am not supposed to be making one, its not about that) and I had some questions and issues which I hope the moderators can resolve.

  1. Is there any way to contact the moderators or
    the staff (other than mail).?

  2. How to PM?

  3. How to change Profile
    These were things that the tutorial does not
    teach these
    Also if anyone could explain the search in the
    topic it would be nice as the tutorial bot could
    not explain this very well.
    I needed to contact the staff or
    moderator because I need to change my
    So @moderators please help me out

    Thanks in advance

Pinging @/moderators or pinging individual moderators or PM’ing a moderator is an alternative.

Either click on a user’s icon and hit the “Message” button or click on your avatar at the top right, click on the envelope icon. This will take you to your mail inbox where you can create PMs.

Click on your avatar in the top right corner, click on the small person and then scroll down to Preferences. Look to the left and then click on Profile. This will bring you to a page where you can edit your profile. Make sure to save changes.

Note that you can’t DM immediately, see our User Trust Levels.


Thank you

In the FAQ it was written that we need to contact
the moderators or the Cog staff to change our name but I could change it anyway?

Only moderators have the power to change usernames, yes. What would you like to change it to?

I am a bit confused here, can you explain what is the username?

It’s your name. Your forum name.

But I was able to edit it and I am not able to edit my preferences now

I think that’s a function of Discourse? I’m not sure. I’ve heard about it before. @CJW do you happen to know what it is?

See what I mean. That is okay but please tell me how to edit my profile preferences

I mentioned above how to change your profile.

And the mystery about the username? (If you notice I have changed it)

I said I’m not sure. That’s why I tagged CJW for more info.

Okay and about the trust level if you could explain because I did not do anything which was required to be promoted to basic(1).
Unless the software somehow tracks it even when you don’t have an account created I dont see how I got promoted

I think there’s a grace period after account creation where you can continue to edit your username. It’ll end eventually. You’d have to ask an admin to confirm how long that is though.

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And can can you explain the question I had about
trust levels?

@jasonstevanhill said he doesn’t know

Ok, I just read through everything very quickly, and everything my fellow moderators have said is correct.

Regarding the grace period CJW mentioned—
Users can change their names on their own if their account is less than 3 days old or they’ve never made a public post.
After that, users will have to message us with a username change request.

Yes you did, actually. You met all the criteria for basic.

If you go to your profile, just on the simmary part, you can see your stats and compare them to the requirements for TL1. You have met and exceeded a of them.


okay so could you close the topic?