Question On Disable Reuse -Maybe some more later on-


Hey guys, making a game here and I’m honestly confused so I really need some help!

I’m trying to disable options 1 and 2 after you click them, but no matter what I do with disable_reuse it doesn’t work! Here’s the code.


#So that was your grandpa, huh?
     *goto Question1

#How come Purple Cloud Sect declined?
    *goto Question2
   *goto Question3


Have you read


Ah, yes! But it showed me *selectable_if and I have no stats in my game currently that can affect it. Do I have to add some stats for disable_reuse to work?


You’re right. There is no example with just disable reuse.

No you don’t need stats.

*label Question1

    *disable_reuse #So that was your grandpa, huh?
         *goto Question1

    *disable_reuse #How come Purple Cloud Sect declined?
        *goto Question1
       *goto Question3

In this example, when you ask the first two questions, you’ll be returned so you can ask another question. If you choose the third though, you move on to the next set of questions.

Usually what you do is put a “No more questions” choice at the end which moves you on.


I would suggest *hide_reuse in lieu of *disable_reuse. Especially if you have ton choices, tends to clear the clutter of choices on the screen.


Thank you @FairyGodfeather. This little tidbit of code just helped me solve two problems I was attempting to find a work around for! Thank you!!


@Sithwist Or anyone else with wiki access. Any chance we could get a specific example of how disable reuse works on the wiki.


Yep, I added the example - Thanks for pointing this out =)


Thanks @Sithwist! You’re the best!

Any chance of some emphasis that you need to remember to leave an escape clause in there. (I’m not sure if you get an error if all options have disable reuse).

Also I think disable reuse clears if you leave the scene and then return to it?


No problem - Tag me if you notice anything other changes to be made. I still think the wiki should be unlocked so anyone can edit, but I don’t want to do that myself without Vendetta and the other admins’ consent.

I added a line after the example to call attention to leaving an escape route. Added that on the *hide_reuse page as well. I just checked, an error message does pop up “No selectable options”.

Yeah, it does, everything clears when you “reload” a scene, the game won’t remember that that option was used before. Unless you define a variable in startup.txt, set it to true when the player chooses an option and use *selectable_if instead of *disable_reuse, or something like that.