*disable_reuse Globally?



I had a question. How do I use the
*disable_reuse command if I want to disable a command that’s in a different text file, or is that not possible?


*disable_reuse is used in front of an option nested under a *choice command. Because of this it’ll always be in the same text file as the option (which makes your question a bit difficult to understand).

A choice in which you use a *disable_reuse command should look a bit like this:

*label doagain

    #Option 1
        Some text
        *goto somelabel
    #Option 2
        Some text
        *got somelabel
    *disable_reuse #Option 3
        Some text
        *goto doagain

*label somelabel

Some more text


Is disable reuse the command you want? Can you explain what you want the command for?

If you want to disable a choice in a different text file you can use if statements to do so.

Disable reuse works as @Cecilia_Rosewood with the added caveat that if you leave that scene file and return, the disable_reuse is cleared. So it’s best to use ifs and selectable_ifs instead if you want an option to be picked only once, in a file you’ll be returning to multiple times.


Thank you, I will use if statements. I guess I just assumed disable reuse would be better because it sounds cool and I wanted to try it on in my game…hehe


If you explain what you want to do we can let you know what the best command to use is. Disable reuse is great for specific things.


Okay I’m going to try to solve it if that does not work I will come back here.