Question about achievements and different playable characters


Simple question really. Let me see if I can write it so that you understand.

Players can play my game as a male or as a female. I’m creating the achievements as I go. I’m writing the male’s game right now.

Are the achievements the same no matter if the player is playing as the male or as the female?

In other words, I want 50 achievements if one plays as the male, and a different 50 achievements if one plays as the female to equal the total 100 possible achievements.

Am I doing that correctly, or I’m doing it wrong, or it doesn’t matter?


AFAIK: Achievements are self-defined so you may group them how you desire - I’m ignoring achievements right now, so my experience on them is not as great as others.

Achievements are not tied to any condition: genders, hp, items, anything.

That being said, you can create 100 achievements, 50 male + 50 females, and assign it to its male/female path. Doing this will allow each path having its own progression system.


You can create 50 achievements and assign both to male/female. This one results in “you’ll get the achievement doesn’t matter your gender,” tho.

Achievements can be based off of whatever you want as long as the game passes through that block of code every playthrough. So unless you have the male and female routes completely separate then you’re fine.

I am curious as to why you plan on making all achievements gender specific? Is the game going to be radically different per gender?

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Gotcha. Sounds like the first is what I want. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I understand, but thanks for responding. I’m having fun adding the achievements as I’m editing the narrative and putting in the coding. I’ve been trying to match up the achievement with what’s happening in the current scene.

Oh, the achievements are not gender specific, they are specific to the scene. For example, the male can get flowers several times when the scene connects to his girlfriend. The same will be with the female: she can get
swords and knives and arrows when she’s fighting. It’s really the same story, but you’ll learn certain things as a male that you will not learn as a female, and vice versa. And the scenes that they share depends on who is playing: female’s version of a fight, for example, would be different from the male’s version even when it really is the same fight.

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