Gender specific achievements

This might be stretching it a bit, but does anybody know of a way to make an achievement that’s gender specific?

I tried to make an achievement that would be called “Carnival King” if the player was a boy, or “Carnival Queen” if the player was a girl. Unfortunately it looks like variables don’t work with achievements and can’t think of another way around it. :disappointed_relieved:

Carnival Monarch? Sovereign of the Carnival? Carnival Ruler? Carnival Crown? There, inclusive to nbs, too!

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I can think of an alternative if it can’t be done, I was just wondering if it was possible. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately there’s no way to have variables in Achievements. We need to upload achievements to market places with static names/descriptions, so we didn’t add variables names in them to keep them looking the same.


Fair enough. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll think of something else :slight_smile:

Couldn’t you have separate achievements (King/Queen/Monarch) and set each one to achieve only if the character is a certain gender?

While a single achievement that changes names based on the MC’s gender may not work, I don’t immediately see a reason why you couldn’t make several independent achievements and hide the code to trigger them under *if commands.

Perhaps something like:

*if gender "female"
  *achieve carnival_queen
*if gender "male"
  *achieve carnival_king
*if gender "nb"
  *achieve carnival_monarch

Note: I haven’t actually tested this yet, I actually haven’t done any testing of the various achievement related commands yet but I can put some code together if you’d like me to try.

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  1. The problem is that then a lot of achievements that are otherwise identical will never be reached by a lot of the audience.
  2. Once a game is in the publishing queue, I have a primer with more structure and details on achievements. (We still consider achievements internal due to the fact that maintaining them requires backend work.)

Didn’t the Fallout games have things like Black Widow/Lady Killer which were basically the same thing? You could do it that way.

I just had an idea, but I don’t think it would work with the way the system is put together. Anyway, my idea was that a complete different set of achievements could come up based upon initial choices. I was thinking of completely bypassing a file, but then I realized that achievements aren’t organized that way.

There’s definitely room for upgrading the system … if the devs are interested.

As an alternative, you could have two separate versions of the game, making only minor changes to reflect gender and such. But if you’re going to sell it later, that probably wouldn’t work either.

Interesting problem.

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That’s possible. The problem with that is that the player wouldn’t be able to gain all of the achievements unless they played the game through as both genders, which seems a bit too inconvenient for the player. :disappointed:

Thanks Minnow, but I think I’ll just come up with some non gender specific achievement titles instead. I appreciate the help, but I think it’d be unfair on the players that they wouldn’t be able to get all of the possible achievement points unless they played the game as both genders.

The thing is, that doesn’t solve the core problem. Here, check this:

That’s the achievement list for Robots. Start with that as the framework we have to work with. Also check out the one for iOS. (You’re right though, if we were just doing internal achievements, there would be more we could do. Unfortunately, we’re not.)

(Also, yea, two separate versions of the game would be not publishable. A fair bit of work goes into every single game to go from CS to apps.)