Purchasing from the webstore while a game is on sale?

Hi! Does anyone know if it’s possible to purchase a game from the webstore when it’s first released? For example, I’ve noticed that when a game is first released, there is a sale going on, and my only options seem to be to purchase it on Steam, the App store, Google Play, or Amazon. I can’t find a way to buy it from the webstore itself until the sale is over.

Once in the past, I tried buying it from Steam and forwarding the receipt to the support at choice of games email, requesting they credit my webstore account with the purchase. But I never heard a response from them.

The reason I’d like to buy it on the webstore is because I like to see the code of the games - it’s fun seeing all the branches after I’ve played a few times. I’ve tried to look at codes through Steam before, but it didn’t seem to work for me.

But yeah! I don’t mind paying a non-sale price; I’d just like to be able to not wait until the sale ends (March 2) before I’m able to purchase it on the webstore. If anyone knows of a way, please let me know. Maybe I’m just silly and missed a glaring option. Thanks!

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You’ll need someone from Choice of Games to answer that first question.

Resend your email to the choice of games email address. It might have got lost or something.

If you use 7-Zip you can view the code in steam.

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Thanks. I did try the 7-zip way before (using your post in another thread) but it wasn’t working for me.

That’s strange 7-Zip didn’t work. What went wrong?

It wasn’t that 7-Zip itself didn’t work (though I was using another unzipping program), as I got everything unzipped alright. But it was that I couldn’t locate the specific files for the code. I think in your other thread, you specified what file to look for that had the code, and it just wasn’t in that particular game (or was not easy to find). I tried a bunch of other files and folders, but none of it was the code.

Anyway, it was basically really time-consuming without being fruitful, and I’d like to just do things on the webstore from now on.

Oh, I also like it being on the webstore so I can play it on my work computer (shh, haha), which I can’t do on steam.

You’re going to have to wait for Choice of Games to answer the main question. You might get a better response if you email them.

I used 7-Zip because most unzipping programmes won’t work. If you can say what game you tried it with we might be able to help point out the correct files? Although if you’ve everything unpacked it should be easy enough to search for the scenes folder. Still I can understand if it’s confusing and you’d rather not.

They changed their app packing method, the code is now contained in the app.asar file in the resources directory. To view it you’ve got to extract it. Unfortunately compared to the old packing method that now requires a few additional steps.

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Oh thanks @idonotlikeusernames

Any chance you could add that to the how to view code thread? Along with specific instructions?

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