Purchased Games Aren't Purchased? Help.

Uh, hi. I searched around for a bit for a solution to my problem, but I haven’t really found anything related to this, so I figured I’d make this, I guess.

For whatever reason, I sign in while playing a story and the site says I haven’t purchased it yet, but I have. I know I have. I’ve purchased many stories on CoG because I love this site, but that’s besides the point. I figured it was just the one story or the site glitched or something, so I refreshed. Still not purchased. Okay. I sign out, sign in, not purchased. Repeat. Sign out, sign in, reset password, sign in, not purchased…

Maybe it’s just that one story? Tried it with three other stories. No cheddar. Na-da. Zip, zilch, nothing. Now, it’s quite frustrating to have my chill night sorta be, not “ruined”, but disturbed by this little error, and I don’t wanna be “that guy”, but if anyone has any suggestions or tips, tricks, life hacks, what have you… I’d appreciate it.

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Are you sure you bought the games here on the site?

I keep forgetting that I bought a few of them on Steam (because they weren’t available on the site yet) and getting confused when I’m told I haven’t bought a game that I know I’ve played all the way through. :laughing:

You might want to send a request ticket to the customer service: support@choiceofgames.com

However, I’ll summon @RETowers in case there’s something I’m missing.

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Thanks for the customer service email, don’t know why I didn’t think of this earlier.

Yeah, I know what ones I’ve bought on Steam and ones I’ve bought here. It just kinda sucks, not gonna lie, but if I have to rebuy them, then I will.

If you have the receipts, the mods should be able to unlock the games you bought elsewhere here too


Thanks everyone for the help, but I’ve got this resolved now. I get paid today so I’ll just put aside $20 and repurchase my games, no big deal, plus I can support CoG some more, which is dope.

So if an @moderators person could close this topic, that would be great, thanks. :slight_smile:

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