Public Beta Tester needed - Path To Knighthood

Thx, played 3 times so far on my 4th run. Anyways thought I could save her shame, that chapters title was so misleading, lol

Thank all of your help and support friends! The story was submitted. Hope to see you all when it is published!


Really enjoyed the game, I have a taste for medival-knight themed games actually. Currently on my 4th playthrough, everything’s good except the deaths of betty and fiaana. I read you mentioned somewhere that whatever mc do, betty would die nevertheless. But as for the murder, I eagerly want to know who’s the killer?
the daughter?
her boyfriend?
the other lord?
or just someone else???


Me too. Because no matter what I choose, I feel that Lance arrests an innocent person every time. This drives me crazy. I need to know who it is asap :sob:

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Ya…and another thing that bothers me is that legendary sword angouns or whatever it’s called, I mean can we actually use it to slay the dragon or it’s just a fake one as declared by our companion?


who can share the 5-digit number to a vault in ester’s room? Please? :face_holding_back_tears:

Were you able to pull it away? No matter how honorable and compassionate I tried to be, I still couldn’t pull it out.

Hi @Flame10 Thanks for your support! It’s great to hear you overall enjoyed the story. The medieval stuff is kind of my thing too so that’s why I wrote it. I would say the unpreventable deaths are part of the mildly dark realistic theme on the story, so it may remain just that way.

For the murderer, I can give some hints. When visiting the crime scene with intelligence >= 70 or having the magnifying glass, you may find a clue which links to what you will see on the second morning (but needs some high intelligence too). Something said by the bank officer also gives a clue. But typing all these out makes me realize the requirements may be too strict. Moreover, I think there are too many visits that guide readers towards the innocent guys and away from the true murderer. This story is not a detective fiction so I probably shouldn’t have made it so complicated.

Thanks for your feedback. I am actively considering to make adjustments on this part. My apologies to all of you.


Hi @Mei_Hiroshi Thanks for your support.

For the 5-digit number, I would say you may wanna pay attention to Ester’s lucky number, which can be obtained through dialogues.

As for the legendary sword, it is totally draw-able. It actually is the mandatory requirement for one of the endings(or it would what people call true ending). But I agree, after reviewing the numbers, that the stats requirements are too harsh, so I am actively making adjustments on that right now. I think most readers would have difficulties in the Honor stat, which even telling a white lie can reduce it. For example, if you do not point fingers at the sheriff who poisoned Arok, the Honor stats will be reduced since you are telling a lie. But don’t be discouraged if you still can’t draw the blade out. It would be my stats requirement being too harsh.

Anyway, thanks for all the support and feedback!


There is a problem with the murder mystery case.In the murder sence no matter what i do fred destroys the crime since as a result i cannot get the evidence.I figured out the true murderer but i just cant get the final evidence to accuse her.How can i stop lance to delay arrest long enough to get the evidence i tried with 61 charisma do i need more.

Never mind i finally got the real killer.But as it is now you can only catch the true killer if you only focus on charisma and spend 100g.I experimented and found you can increase int to only 69 before this case.Please lower the stat requirement or give us another way to catch the killer.Because right now unless you build a very certain build you cannot find the true killer

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Who is the killer ive had a headache trying to solve it but i can’t :cry:

Just boost your stats man.

Ok I do not want to give a spoiler since the author did not write their name but let me give you a great hint.Read the murder mystery chapter name carefully and go with the game vibe.It is a very dark story so expect a very tough choice.

I already caught the killer.But as i said unless you make a very certain build you cannot arrest the killer and making those certain choices forces you to go on a completely different path.For example currently you must pick charming trait and either kill the wyvern or steal whenever you can.Both of which locks you out of the true end among other things.

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Hi @rafsan and all, thanks for the input. I will certainly put that in mind. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I can make that changes when the story publish since I am unable to reach the staff who I had been contacting for more than a month. Actually, I think Choice of Games will not publish it (for reasons I am not sure) since my story is not on the 2023 plan they announced though we discussed that it could be on the plan.

Thanks for reading, anyway!


It kinda sad to hear that since it was such a good read.Anyways good luck on your future projects.

I think that having a meter that tells you the percentage of chivalry/honest you are would make the game more interesting


I wouldn’t be to discouraged yet. Many of the authors of the WIP’s I track mention that is can take a long time before COG replies back. The company seem to have a bit of a back log when it comes to replying to the emails they receive. Hopefully you hear from them soon. Good luck with this and potential future games!

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In general, I get back to people within a week if they ask me a question.

If they don’t ask me a question, I don’t respond just for the sake of responding.