Pronoun code question

I’ve set my game up where the character creation is completely player driven, but I couldn’t get the pronouns to work until I coded them specifically to the text inputs. However, this prevents the player from choosing their own pronouns/using neopronouns. Does anyone know a way to fix this? (I’m fairly new to choicescript.)

*label create
First name:
*input_text fName
Last name:
*input_text lName
*input_text sex
*if (sex = "Male")
  *set he "He"
  *set him "Him"
  *set his "His"
  *set hes "He's"
  *set plural false
*if (sex = "Female")
  *set he "She"
  *set him "Her
  *set his "Hers"
  *set hes "She's"
  *set plural false
  *set he "They"
  *set him "Them
  *set his "Their"
  *set hes "They're"
  *set plural True
*input_text age

The following should help you.

Both code and playable sample are listed by @HannahPS

Thanks for the link! I’ll take a look and try it out.

also don’t forget that some verbs end in “s” “es” or nothing depeding on the pronoun. Ex: he see(s) / they see ; she blush(es) / they blush

If you want to host your game on moody rather than dashingdon, you can make use of arrays. The advantage is that you can reuse the pronoun variables for other characters as well:

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Speaking of which, and I know this is a bit off the topic of the thread, but what is the difference between the two?

There’s basically no difference between the two. is essentially Dashingdon 2.0. It has a built in save system and other features that people want.

The downside is it’s currently quite unstable.

the difference is that moody supports all new versions of choicescript when they appear, whereas dashingdon is no longer updated with new features.

So Dashington doesn’t support arrays?

if i remember correctly, it does support arrays, but you don’t have the *create_array and *temp_array commands, but you can initialize arrays the old fashion way.

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