A look at the stats menu. I was thinking about changing the color layout to fit the aesthetic of the book.


Hol up. Telekinesis is a power you can have in this game? This just got a billion times better and it was already great! Also, whose Blair and Joel? :thinking:


They are characters in the book. Friends to the MC.

Technokinesis. It’s similar to Telekinesis but limited to technology.

I’m having a hard time trying to think of a good way for the MC to get power upgrades. Any thoughts would be appreciated. :palms_up_together:t6: :palms_up_together:t6:

Hm, maybe the MC can train certain powers? If I had the ability to gain powers, I’d definitely train some. Maybe you could manipulate the drug to buff certain things in some way?

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Maybe like “woah i drank this serum from a friend and noticed something” or “experimented by a friend and developed something”? Maybe it could build stats and rapport with a ro?

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It will but I don’t want it to be something that occurs to often. There should be an opportunity of having different training options for different stats.


I added some finishing touches to the stats menu :grin:. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out.
Here’s the link -
It’s a minor test and hasn’t been fully integrated into the story yet

An error popped out. choicescript_stats line 69: bad label soi. Looks like that label doesn’t exist.

Would you like to wear your Nano-suit?
I don’t know anything about my character’s nano-suit at this point. What can I base my decision on? Will it save my life at some point? Will it attract attention of villains who rob people of their hard-earned nano-suits?

Edit: I now know what happens if I wear my nano-suit. The stat screen skips the main characher’s profile and some other stats, going directly to label pov_armour. Does MC forget who they are and what their relationship with other people are as a side effect of the suit’s nano-robots invading their brain, or is this a coding mistake?

Before disabling/enabling relationship stats, the choice on the main stat page has 2 options: “Subjects and People of Interest” and “Go to Main Stats page”. After making the relationship stat choice, only POWER GAUNTLET is available. Putting your nano-suit on returns “Subjects and People of Interest” and “Go to Main Stats page” choice, but there is no POWER GAUNTLET. What can I do without that sweet POWER GAUNTLET? That choice is

*if show_armour != false
		#	[i][b]POWER GAUNTLET[/b][/i]

, so the MC should be able to see the POWER GAUNTLET, but no.

Conditions like *if show_armour != false can be shortened to *if show_armour.

In the startup, you have both *create hive 50 and *create mind 50, but in the stats, I see this:

		opposed_pair hive

You don’t need to create both variables for an opposed pair. Also, if you add to variable hive, the stat screen will show Mind increasing. It will get confusing.

It’s a minor test though

I see that, but what about POWER GAUNTLET?

Well, what I imagined was when the MC’s without his Nano-suit he can access his stats through his arm or something like that. But when he’s wearing his suit he doesn’t need to as his stats display on the screen, kinda like a JARVIS interface in an iron man armour

I’ll add relationship stats to it. Which may mean that the idea of selecting if relationship stats can be disabled or not will be removed

How are you able to see the code :thinking:

How so?

It’s a secret technique available only to people who can add the word scenes/ to the URL. Like this:

About opposed pairs - you can find information here.

Wait, how does that translate into not having some stats on the player’s stat screen?

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Basically everyone :joy:

I want to fit the aesthetic and feel of wearing an armour. Makes sense?

So pov_armour variable is for putting/not putting on your armour. What does show_armour indicate? It is under ARMOUR section for the variables in startup, and pov_armour is in different section. But these variables are related, aren’t they?
When pov_armour is active, it sends you past personal information to the label with the same name. And it is structured like this:

*label pov_armour
*if show_armour != false
		percent armour_durability Durability
		percent armour_power Bio-Electricity Levels
		percent re_gen Regeneration

So you see abilities right on the main stat page instead of going to the POWER GAUNTLET, so I understand that. But why skip personal information? And why two different variables pov_armour and show_armour? :thinking:
And this:

*if show_armour != false
		#	[i][b]POWER GAUNTLET[/b][/i]
			*label power_gauntlet

should be active when show_armour is true, but pov_armour isn’t?

OK, it just confused me.