Project Echelon (Working Title) - W.I.P

Okay then, you (the MC) are part of a super secret division that is not necessaily legal. On a routine mission, you and your team are framed for the murder of a high ranking intelligence officer. To prevent a war from breaking out, the President places the division under control of a U.N to task force to combat terrorism, human trafficking and the like. However it seems as though the leaders of this force have their own agenda.
How will you traverse this web of deceit and come out alive?

Here’s the demo, please leave any suggestions, comments and so on :slight_smile:


I had a few questions.
Does the murder have to do anything with the war that might break out?
Will the UN try to use the division to stop the war?
Will the MC play a role in putting an end to the war?What exactly is the main objective, stop the war or prove yourself innocent?

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Yes, the murder will be the first in a line of events that push the world to a highly possible war. The U.N will attempt to use the division, whether that means the division will be of any help is up to the choices the MC makes. Adding to your final question, the MC’s initial quest is to clear their name, stopping the war is completely up to you.

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Sounds good can’t wait to try the demo when ever that is

What can we actually do though, that’s my biggest question.

And why did the President immediately put us under the control of the U.N? I get that you say it’s to prevent a war but I’d like to see where the investigation took place, since framed usually means we can prove our innocence. If we’re not exactly legal then why is the President okay with us even existing, I feel like if the President knows then we’re legal . . . more like Marvel’s S.H.I.E.L.D.

Trying not to put out a spoiler but, several individuals are not who they appear to be. The President is one along with a few others. There’s basically a puppet master behind the entire thing.

I’m working on posting the demo by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.


Internet problems have caused a delay on when the demo will be uploaded. Expect it before Saturday.

Sounds really awesome

And the demo is up boys and girls!