Project Deadly Lime (new demo available)



Hi everybody, my name is Lorraine and I’ve been a COG addict for about eight months now. Let me start by saying that I am hot-headed and stubborn, but I try my best to be patient and understanding. So please, if you feel that my comments are rude, take no offense and understand that I am only human.


Not enough for you? Enjoy these other WIP projects (rough draft) demos I have available!
A Certain Kind of Magic
Beat You
Both are working titles, like this one.

SHORT SYNOPSIS (most likely title will be Fatal Limerence)
The reader plays as a twenty-three year old college student just trying to get an education and make ends meet. However, unbeknownst to them a dark figure looms over them - watching their every move. Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate events, the player will discover the truth about their mysterious benefactor as well as their own personal, tragic past.

They will need to choose wisely on how to proceed because otherwise they will prove to be the death of everyone they love.

This story will absolutely contain adult themes and themes that some people may be triggered by; therefore, I offer a simple trigger warning. There are dark themes and ones of violence, sexual activity, and criminal activity. Obviously I will not be glorifying any sexually criminal acts or any criminal acts of any kind, but know that they play a key role in telling this story. As for overall themes; romance, mystery, thriller, horror, drama, low fantasy, I can’t think of any others…

Obviously, constructive criticism is appreciated. Know that I won’t always be inclined to change something, but I look forward to hearing your opinions and ideas on how I could improve the story.


Just like in real life, the actions you take in this game will influence the world and people around you. The same for the opposite, your actions will (obviously) be influenced by what happens.


You may play as male or female, transgender, or non-binary. You can flirt with anyone, no matter your gender, but obviously a lesbian will not appreciate it if you’re male. If you’re generally a POS, people also will not respond to flirtation. No one likes an asshole.


Most of these characters have locked genders, only two have genders that are dependent on the player’s preferences. There is one transgender character.


I hate games where you can die and have to start over, especially interactive novels because very rarely is there an actual safe function. So when you lose in this game, it’s not necessarily the end. The stats also reflect on how the world sees you and how you influence others, you don’t have to worry about having high enough “Strength” to survive.

Updates should occur as I write. I really have no schedule since my hours are entirely dependent on what my boss needs. I can work a four hour shift or an eleven hour shift. From ten in the morning to one in the morning. So my writing varies. However, I will always be writing whatever chance I get and once I decide a chapter is good enough for criticism I will publish it here.

Updates are in month/day format.

07/19 The post has been made. May the COGods have mercy on my WIP.

7/24 A demo link is now available; however, there is really nothing significant to read in it. It can be found above.

8/15 New demo!


Oh, um… Project Deadly Lime is just the working title.


Can it just be joking? Who I can flirt with is a big part of the friend selection process,

So do limes have anything to do with it?


Well, different characters will react differently.

Fen (one of the homosexual ros) will appreciate that you find her attractive, but will still politely decline. Whereas her sister Jeane (one of the heterosexual ros) will feel awkward about it and probably try to ignore you.

All the flirt options will be intnded seriously, but some may be humorous.

As for limes. Well, the only thing limes have to do with it is that the word LIME sounds similar (in my mind) to the actual title I’m considering.

So… no… no limes, no deadly limes involved…


Is the Bi/Pan specification going to be a difference for us?


Is there going to be anyone who would confess to us?

I was hoping for a war against them, they’ve cause most of my troubles in life.


Personally I like when games do that, I’m used to being approached in RL that it just feels more natural


I just like it because usually in games I have to do all the work…

Lucky, the most I get is random compliments in the street :frowning_face:


Bisexual characters will only go for strictly female or male (no non-binary). Pansexual characters will go for anyone (transgender, non-binary etc).

Yes, there will be people who confess to you. Some… you confessions you may not like.

Limes are as frustrating as they are delicious.


Yeah but we can’t be non binary… so it doesn’t make a difference for us?

Should we really do that if people die around us?


That’s kind of an offensive use of the term “bisexual”, as well as sort of leaning into the incorrect concept that trans people aren’t “actually” the gender they identify as, and between this and your assertion that the genitals of trans characters must be present in the story, I feel like you should really read through some of the various trans representation threads that the forum has before you get too attached to many of these ideas.

It sounds like you’re assuming that no trans MC will have gone through SRS, which might be something a trans reader would be uncomfortable with. As well as making ROs that will be unavailable if you’re trans–especially with characters that are available for any gender anyway, the implication being that genitals aren’t an issue, it sounds like these characters are just going to be kind of transphobic. It also sounds like in your game, the plan is that no trans MC could have had any time of surgical transitioning done? Which is something that could easily alienate trans readers.

Overall it just sounds like you want it to have an effect on the story if the MC is trans, which isn’t an issue, but that you aren’t super knowledgeable about the trans community. I don’t wanna sound discouraging at all, more trans representation is always something to aim for, but I definitely think you should have more discussions with trans readers (plenty of whom are available on the forum!) to know more about what makes representation good and how to go about being inclusive without unintentionally being offensive


I was going to comment about the trans parts of your game but @HomingPidgeon did it already. And they’re right. It is sounding very transphobic. If you really want to put trans characters in your game, it’s better that you read more about the matter before anything (for both gender and sexuality). If you don’t feel you’re ready to deal the right way with this, then it’d be better to take off from the game. I’d feel much better just playing as a binary cis person than a binary trans person suffering transphobia, even if it’s not your intention. So please, think deeply about what you’re going to do, I felt bad just for reading what you wrote :sweat:


That’s an aexcellent point.

I want to try my best to represent everyone correctly and in the most un…insulting way possible.

I will definitely do my best to discuss how best to represent transexual characters and readers.

I welcome yours and others help in this and I will change some things about my post when I gt home from work.


If you just search “trans” or “transgender” on the forum, you’ll find a nice handful of threads that discuss trans and nonbinary issues, some of which would be good for you to ask any specific questions that you have in. I’m very glad that you’re trying to make sure to do this respectfully–there’s plenty of people on the forum who are very happy to help make sure that representation in CoG and Hosted Games is done the best it can be


Thank you for providing constructive criticism rather than immediately assuming I’m being phobic in any way.

One point I want everyone to understand is that I will do my absolute best to represent a diverse cast of characters without excluding or demeaning any group. If anything happens in the story where a character is being cruel or offensive I want it to be because it aids the story and is important to the development, not because I want a certain group or person to feel unworthy or wrong.


Just curious. Why no asexual characters?


Well, I’ll just say this at the moment.

No plans are completely solid. I had planned not to allow more genders for the MC aside from male and female. However, I want to create a game that everyone can play, and so I’m changing some plans.

With the helpmof the community, I may be changing characters and perfecting them. There is a character I have in mind who I think I may want to represent an asexual character.

So short answer, there very well may be an asexual character and a non-binary. I justnhave to do my research on all that.


I appreciate it :blush: thanks for considering.

Omg such beatiful words :relieved:


Well, asexual isn’t a gender, but sexual(or lack of) orientation.

If you’d like some quick reads and a lot less digging about, these links may be helpful:



Ah, the old is it bi or is it pan discussion…

As someone who is bi, let me tell you I’m pretty sure most of us don’t really care what’s between someone’s legs. If we find you attractive, that’s all we need.

About the story, sounds interesting. 12 ROs! I guess if we’re that bad for people’s health we’re going to need a lot of ROs… let the game begin.


So, just to give an idea of the characters (as of right now). We have…
Haven & Jeane - heterosexual
Fen & Magdalena - homosexual
Kendal - asexual

Noah - heterosexual
Elias & Ramazan - homosexual
Calvin & Teagan - bisexual

MC Dependant
Lily/Sam - pansexual
Shiloh - pansexual

Non Romanceable
Eric & Melanie - they’re dating each other

I am also planning on uploading the old first draft of the game (which I got about two chapters) in, just to give an idea of my writing style and so people can gives suggestions.