Can anyone tell me if it is okay to feature someone else’s topic on my profile?
Also when is it okay to create a topic (the alternative being asking the @moderators)?
and what to write in website?

You can create a topic that doesn’t already exist and is filed under appropriate tags. Nothing sensitive or controversial would be recommended.

Welcome to the site! :slight_smile:

But when should I just dm the @moderators and when should I create a topic

Please stop pinging the moderators tag. One of us will get to you and be able to answer your questions in depth. We’re busy and we may not be able to answer right away.



The answer to this question depends on what your new topic is about.

If you have a question, we highly recommend that you use the search function before creating a new topic. Try to be specific in your search query, and if nothing comes up, then try rewording what you’re looking for.

For example, say you’re trying to find a topic about cats and you put ‘Cats’ in the search box but nothing comes up. Instead of creating a brand new topic to talk about cats, try searching for ‘kitties’. You might find a topic called ‘Let’s Talk Kitties! :smile_cat:’ which is dedicated to talking about a types of cats!

Another example: say you’re writing a game and have come across an error in your game. Instead of creating a new topic titled ‘Help me with ChoiceScript’, use the search function. In almost all cases, multiple people have experienced the same issue you have and there’s already an answer posted.
If you still can’t find an answer, then you’re ok to create a new topic. Just remember to copy and paste your code for everyone to see, if this is applicable. And remember that all code should be put in between two lines of bacticks, which are these things: ```

If you've done it correctly, everything you copy and pasted will appear like this.

Lastly, I also suggest double checking the FAQ to make sure your topic is appropriate to this forum.
Things like roleplaying threads are expressly forbidden and will be immediately shut down. And it should go without saying at this point that we don’t allow homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other hateful or harmful content on the forum.
If, however, you want to create a discussing those topics or any other potential touchy subject in a respectful manner, then yes, that’s when you should message us before creating the topic just because as well-intentioned as someone might be, they may make a misstep in their ignorance.

For example, we have many threads discussing how to write or depict characters of color or who aren’t cisgendered and what one can do to avoid being racist or transphobic. These kinds of topics are heavily moderated to make sure discussion remains respectful.

I’m not sure what you mean by this.


I think what they might mean may be what can be written about on the forums? Like, how to structure topic posts.

If this is the case, @Grasshopper, please take a look at the FAQ and other forum posts to get some more examples of what is and isn’t typically accepted here.

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In the profile tab there is a portion to fill out
which is called website.

And can you withdraw any flags ?

You do not need to set any website. That is for people who have websites they wish to share in their bios.

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okay Thanks

Actually I didn’t mean to call the moderators
but I tagged them because discobot said that
we should tag someone if we wanted to get their notice so I thought that I should tag whenever I mention someone.

Don’t worry about Discobot. Just @ people when you want to speak with them or bring them into a conversation.

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Do you mean that if you, say, flagged my post for whatever reason and then decided you’d rather not have done that, if you could unflag my comment?

If so, then no. Flags cannot be withdrawn.

Well then please close the thread