Profile Titles

I know that you can set profile titles like regular, but can you set custom titles? I know I’ve seen a few.


Moderators can set custom profile titles, but there’s no way to do it otherwise that I am aware of.


So we have to buy you mods with cookies to have a custom title? :wink: It is a joke lol. Hope this don’t fill with people asking lol.


I think we should be able to do this on our profiles. It shouldn’t be an issue if they aren’t offensive.

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We can only they aren’t visible. I have one for years A poisoner bard .

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I honestly think if you everyone got the choice of a title, you would have that one person that ruins it for everyone by making their title a link to their social media or youtube channel.
i used to have the regular badge but i assume because i became inactive on the forum they took it away as well