How to fix my name on the site

So, my name on the sight used to be, ‘Archivist001’, I think? It was Archivist something, but now it comes up, as in when I reply to a post or create a topic,it comes up as ‘dreamofedin’? I’m not sure why it changed, and would like to know how to change it back, if it all possible, so, yeah.

You may have clicked on another user’s profile? When I click your profile picture or name, I see ArchivistAlpha096 / Cameron :slight_smile:

This is awkward and yeah, it could have been someone sharing one of my posts and linking to my profile instead? I know a friend of mine linked my profile instead of my sin of sires guide once lol.

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OK, I will have another look then. I did wonder why it looked like someone else had written down my exact words. Shrug.
Thank you. :slight_smile: