Problem with Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++


Hello all~

So I have no idea what’s causing this, but the ChoiceScript Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++ is being… iffy.

Take a look:

As you can see, it seems to be randomly working and not-working, even within the same txt file.


Running Windows 10 x64 on a Surface 3

Thanks so much!



There is a setting which makes the highlighter think ’ is dialog, you have to change it to " otherwise it jumps in and out of dialog like this every time you write something like I’ll or it’s. The same goes if you forget closing the dialog with a " at the end, then it keeps making everything dialog (which is shown as the pale, grey cursive)

EDIT; Now I am the computer and could look it up.

You want the “Language” menu, and you should choose “choicescript” from the drop down menu (it starts at “user defined”.

Once that has opened, go to the “Operators & delimiters” tab.

Now, if I remember correctly, in one of the “delimiter styles” you have ’ in the open and close boxes. Remove that, or replace it with ". Once you save, everything should look peachy.


Thank you so much! now I can add folding styles too lol

I’m in Notepad++ right now and I am exploring the settings in “user defined language,” however I can’t find anywhere where the ’ is? It’s not in the operators and delimiters tab :worried: NVM found it!


What are “folding styles?” Curious because I use notepad ++ as well.


If you use one of the standard languages - for example, CSS - you can open/close “folders” to hide code while you’re working. In this example, the open/close is { and }



It’s actually not working so well for ChoiceScript, since it doesn’t “close” it’s main functions. I am looking into seeing if you can define folding based on spacing.


Ahh, maybe it would be useful to organize really long code?


Exactly :relaxed: But like I said, kind of not very useful without any “close” keywords. I may switch to using the CS IDE if they have that function lol. NVM Notepad++ is much better, especially since I use images etc and CS IDE doesn’t show them.

My scenes are long and complex :confounded: