I use this software to write programs with Java, Javascript, and HTML. It is free, great to use, and best of all, allows you to make your own programming language. I would like to do this so I can code choice script in this program, but I am lacking a deep enough understanding of choice script to do this. Would anyone like to help me?

what do you mean you are writing to do choice script coding in it? because thats the same as doing it in notepad it just more easier to do it in ++

Not sure if this is what you meant, but we use CJW’s Syntax Highlighter to keep track of ChoiceScript commands such as *choice, *set, #choices, etc.

I think that’s what he’s asking for, yes.
The syntax highlighter merely colours choices red, commands blue and comments green.

It doesn’t have auto-completion or anything that in-depth, but feel free to edit it to suit your needs.

I find Sublime Text far better, and there’s also a Choicescript highlighter available for this.
I use the blackboard colourscheme, and it is very easy on the eyes, and the highligths pop out far better, than on a light background.
Also, it has autocompletion.
And if you left-click on something, like the word name, in a command like this *goto name. it marks all the places that word appears as a label og goto command.
In addition, it has a very nice “zoomed out”, function at the right side, which makes it very easy to find you place in a long code.

@dinosw It might be worth mentioning that the ‘far better’ Sublime Text comes with a hefty $70 price tag (Notepad++ is free) - which is quite the investment for a hobbyist CS author. I know you can download Sublime for free, but strictly speaking you should (are expected) to pay for it, with “continued use”.

You’d also be better posting this in a new thread, as opposed to bumping old ones (which we discourage: