Pride and Prejudice and Murder - Beta Testers Needed

I’ve finished work on a game called “Pride and Prejudice and Murder”. It’s a murder mystery, set shortly after the end of Jane Austen’s famous novel, “Pride and Prejudice”. Someone has killed Lady Catherine on the day of Lizzy and Mr. Darcy’s wedding. Our heroes need to figure out who the killer is, before the wedding can continue.

To play the demo, go here:

The game is 218,290 words long. After Chapter 3, it splits into four different pathways, each with a different culprit. All the pathways are 7 chapters long. Every chapter lets you pick from one of two narrators.

The game is ready for beta testing! If anyone wants to help with this, I will be very grateful. My main concern is typos and grammatical issues, since the game is written in pseudo-1800s style. I’m also worried there may be minor continuity issues between the different pathways.

If you’re interested in beta testing, DM me and I’ll give you a link to the full game.

Thank you for your time and support.


Do you Wish to get Feedback for the demo part here in the thread or per dm? For users in the phone the testing procedere would be much easier with a save system, since the phone loves to reset when you stop reading for a few minutes.

I have not read much so far, but I really like the tone, it fits very well.

But it is not quite clear, who the MC is( I chose the Darcys and I do not really know if I am Mr. Darcy or colonel fitzwilliam) I really like playing as an established char in this Case.

Very promising


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I might have found a continuity Error( I chose Mary’s view, and she spoke about Anne De Bourghe leaving the room early and later does not remember she and Georgiana left.


This looks very cool! There should definitely be more Jane Austen inspired or adapted games :sparkling_heart:

If you were looking for feedback and thoughts on the demo:


I’m still very early on in the demo, but I was wondering why you changed Darcy’s famous income of ten thousand to “over twenty thousand pounds a year”? I know this is very nit-picky—I was just curious if there is a reason for the change?
Additionally, the intro says that Elizabeth would inherit nothing—which is not entirely true, as they would get a small income but can not inherit the estate. (Though, to be fair, in comparison to Darcy, that might be nothing.)

Sorry, again, for the nitpick—I was just curious if these were conscious changes as I am sure more Jane Austen fans than me would pick up on the change.

Possible text error

“that she would make a final attempt to end to prevent the wedding,”

One too may to’s?


I’m not too far into the demo but I’m also having confusion as to who the MC is. Other than that I think it is an interesting game & look forward to playing more


After playing The Courting of Miss Bennett, I did say I’d love to play more interactive choice games based on classic novels. This sounds very interesting.

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Your lacking way and could. It’s supposed to be “there’s no other way which could”. I’m not sure this is only me but I’m stuck with the infinite loop.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I apologize for any confusion about who the narrator is. I think my mistake was having this paragraph towards the start. I’ll rewrite it, so it is no longer in first person.

“We begin our story, on the day before the wedding, when everyone was blissfully unaware of the tragedy that would soon unfold. And so, I must ask you, dear reader, who was first to arrive at Rosings on that fated day?”

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