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Hi all!

My partner Maeve and I have developed our first ChoiceScript game: President Disaster. In President Disaster, you begin as a White House intern thirty days from Election Day. After the…untimely demise of the last chief of staff, you’re named to the role. Your job is to keep things on track enough to get us to Election Day, but not so on track that President Disaster succeeds in turning the country into his utopia (and our nightmare).

Each day, you’re presented with a scenario and options to handle it. Your choices will affect 4 categories related to the President: Rage, Grift, Domestic Approval, and International Prestige. No more than one of them can get too high – or too low! – before Election Day or civilization miiiight collapse. But managing someone as unpredictable as President Disaster is no easy task. Can you get us to the big day?

PD is more game-oriented than some of the amazing interactive fiction you all have created here, but we hope it’s a fun way to process some of the scary things we all face in the news. Our goal is to regularly add batches of scenarios as the unbelievable continues to become reality around us.

To play the beta, go here:

Any and all feedback on what you enjoyed or didn’t, what might have gone broken, etc, would be so welcome! (Also any etiquette errors on this post!)

Thank you!



I found this quite entertaining thank you for the laugh :smile: All I need now is someone to make something about Brexit.


This is hilarious. :slight_smile: Well done.


Oh no! I’ll never get to know who wins the next election :open_mouth:
Also New Zealand has a prime minister :new_zealand:.

(Please write more comedy games :slight_smile: )


The only words I have right now? Bless America…


This looks super fun! Added to my list of things to play when I’m not busy!

Question, is this game intended for submission to Hosted Games? I noticed that you’re hosting it on your own website, so I just want to know for categorization sake. :slight_smile:

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Eh, just search youtube for train crash/wreck videos :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, will that animated flashing image on the first page be an issue for folks with photo-sensitive epilepsy?


Look up the crumbs a brexit adventure series (1&2) from this this year and last year’s ectocomp. (A lot more serious than this one though.)


This is great fun!

I did get an error:
scenarioController line 406: Non-existent variable '65shootprotestors'

I’m now very worried about 65 protestors.

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Having fun with this so far, but i got this error.


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Thank you all for the testing and responses! There’s clearly an issue with our scenes from the mid 50s through early 60s (these are just numbered in the order we wrote them but they appear for players in random order). We’re looking into it, and every error report helps – right now, we’re stumped! But we’ll get to the bottom of it.

@LordOfLA This is a good question! We’ll investigate options.

@trevers17 - we actually were thinking of submitting this to Hosted Games, yeah!

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President Disaster >>>BolsoAsno


:grin::grin::grin: quite funny… Whitehouse on fire​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Do the errors get flagged using random and/or quick tests? That should hopefully give you the information you need to find where the errors are occuring. If you’re still having problems, you can post the flagged sequences on the forum and see if someone else can work out what the problem is if you like.


@Jacic @WinterHawk @Bryglas

Thank you so much for flagging those errors. We tweaked our scenario controller and I think we’ve resolved those errors. If you have time to try again and let us know how it goes, we’d be super grateful!

And to everyone in this amazing community, we’d love any more testing/playthrough feedback folks are willing to provide! Thanks, all!


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