Power Psykers: This means war

Well, I do think those three “freezes” are different in terms of elements.

But I never heard of emotion-freezin, tho.
I mean, what happened to someone who has their thoughts being freezed?

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Thank goodness you have a name for it. The Molecular immobilization is what I was going for. Your family in Power Psykers is one of the most powerful Psykers family in the world. So, they have more than one power.

I’m not sure if it was a power but I wanted to have something different. I don’t like always using recycled powers.

Would anyone like to help with story development?

Yes any help you can give is appreciated.

I totally forgot to at you , sorry! But yes any help is really appreciated.

This certainly look interesting



Thanks for the suggestion!

Iron sounds awesome.

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-Reality Manipulation

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