Potentially Silly Question!

A Hosted Game doesn’t have to adhere to the Choice of Games house style, correct? So I can a protagonist who’s an established, strongly-characterised character and not a malleable protagonist?

Or am I mistaken?

Correct. To publish with Hosted Games the core requirements are:

  • Games must be at least 30,000 words long; the word count includes code.
  • Games must not contain deeply offensive material, such as scenes that glorify sexual violence or racist attitudes.
  • Games must undergo beta testing on the forums.
  • Games cannot infringe on other people’s intellectual property; e.g. we can’t host a Harry Potter or Star Wars game.
  • The title of the game cannot contain the word “choice.”

The official page is here. (Hosted Games information is at the bottom.)

The design requirements of Choice of Games (e.g. that you must be able to select the PC’s gender and sexual orientation being the one that comes up the most), are not requirements for Hosted Games.