Postmorteum: One Must Die

Just thought I tell you about this since this indie PC game I reckon would really appeal to COG players - in it you play an Agent of Death, assigned to a fictional country in the midst of a terrible conflict between an array of thinkers and idealists. Your duty is simple - there are five particular people at this gala party, and you have to decide which one of them must die that night.

Well, maybe not so simple. Since none of these people are especially evil, simply with different views and ideas on the conflict. Their lives will possibly affect the country, or indeed their deaths. And it’s up to you whether you seek information about the situation or choose a random. Because everything you do has consequences. Whilst you’re at the party you can converse with any of your subjects, and what you say to them can influence things in their lives as much as their deaths might. Once your target is selected, you will see what your choice and the means by which you have shaped other’s views affect the future of the nation.

The best part is it’s FREE TO PLAY! Though there’s a expanded version to buy from Steam with an additional sixth character to influence things and an array of making of content and options. I’ve given it a go and it’s great fun for anyone who is curious over how a person’s life or death could affect a country. Plus hey, you’re also gonna have to explain to the person you offed why you choose them. Or not, your call. Anyway, here’s the link to the site

This looks really interesting. When I have some time I’ll give it a go. The idea of what if…? is really what choice games are about and this game seems to reflect that

Huh, it’s finally out? Neato. Thanks for letting us know.

@andymwhy Do, it’s interesting to try different options and means of conversation to influence opinions and see the results. You’ll definitely feel a bit guilty at the end regardless of who you elect to let die since all of the characters are three dimensional, each with their lighter and darker sides.

@Shoelip No problem, glad I let you know. :slight_smile:

Oh! I was looking for this thread. I’m going to try this game out only I couldn’t remember the game name and forgot to bookmark.