Poll: Favorite WiP

What is your favorite work in progress? If it is not in the poll, feel free to list it below!

  • Guns of Infinity
  • Guenevere
  • Monsters of New Haven High
  • Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven
  • Choice of Rebels
  • Drágóneer
  • Community College Hero: Trial by Fire
  • Magikiras
  • The Order of the Rose
  • Vampire House

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I hope to create a different poll every two to four months as long as I am allowed to. If there is strong opposition or a pun rebellion, I will cease. I am considering this a trial run.

I’m locking this since we already have a bunch of topics on favourite games, where WIPs get mentioned. We’ve also one on favourite WIPs.

There’s just so many WIPs that I don’t think it’s fair to limit people to select just one, as polls make you do. Also, I don’t think it’s fair to pit them against each other. Some games are going to get left off the poll, regardless, and I don’t want any authors to be discouraged, or disheartened by that.

But please, if you love a WIP, post on that WIP thread telling the author how much you love it. That sort of feedback is really important, and encouragement helps make a game.

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