Please help with figuring out how to make choices invisible unless variable triggers it?

I’m having trouble with making it so that like, choices won’t show up UNLESS you have a variable flipped to true/on! Like, instead of selectable_if, is there like a “hidden_unless” option? I’d looove to be able to do this, because it kind of gives away what all you might be able to do in my game if you see every choice listed there, even if they’re all grayed out… :frowning: Plus it’s just kind of cluttery to look at!!!

Please help! :slight_smile: Does anybody know any way to do this please? To hide choice options unless a variable is true to make it show up? Not JUST grayed out?

Instead of using *selectable_if, try using a regular *if statement for each choice you want hidden.


:open_mouth: Oh wow. Why is my brain dumb? Thank you, it’s just a simple *if to do that? :slight_smile: Way overthinking it then!


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