Platform downloads v ratings/reviews given

As @jasonstevanhill has mentioned before downloads for iOS are meant to be more than half of the total sales for CoG/HG. I find it curious that it is android users who are more likely to rate/review the games.

For example Unnatural so far has the following number of ratings…

Chrome x 8
Amazon x 23
iOS x 29
Android x 494

I’m going to find out how many times it has been downloaded/bought then try to work out the % of downloaders/buyers that actually leave ratings.

Yeah I have

Android - 65
Apple - 16
Chrome - 7
Amazon - 4

Well i had a iPhone and rating it’s really annoying and take more time. In android its really easy you could edit ratings in seconds.

Yeah plus it shows the break down of ratings, it shows all written reviews and gives an estimate of the sales. Apple does none of that

I’m very interested in these results. Does Android not even require you to log in to give a review?


You need to log in leave a review.

Yeah, you need log, but except you change settings, log is automatic and is vinculed to your device, also you could have more accounts in one tablet one for member in the family for instance.