Personal Name/Pronoun Sample Code

So I’ve seen a few people wondering how to implement mechanics for gender fluidity, or being able to change your name or pronouns without it being a huge hassle. Look no more!

Playable game: here!
Scene files: here!

This sample code covers:

  • assigning and confirming name and pronouns
  • choosing at the start of the story vs. choosing organically
  • changing your name and pronouns via stat screen at any time
  • changing your pronouns at the start of each scene for genderfluid PCs
  • conjugation for singular/plural pronouns

I made this in a slight fever dream-like state (i.e. impulsively and very fast), so please tell me if there are any bugs/errors or if you’d like me to add anything!

Disclaimer: I am aware of and admire the sample code created by Hannah Powell-Smith. If you’re looking for NPC pronoun sample code, please try their code and not mine! This is solely for PC pronouns (and name).

Misc. notes
  • I used the variables you_s and you_es to conjugate regular verbs like “say(s)” and “reach(es).” This doesn’t work for irregular verbs like fly/flies, which I’d use you_plural for. Another way around this is to use the @{you_plural fly|flies} method, which I’m not as familiar with.
  • The pronoun variables are dealt with in a separate scene file so they can be accessed in every other scene file. (This is my first time using *gosub! Please tell me if I did anything wrong.)
  • I am in high school and know nothing about college so if something (or multiple somethings) seem off about the actual framing plot, that’s probably why.

Content warnings (for the example sentences)
  • General Night Vale weirdness
  • Unreality
  • Existentialism
  • Death (by incineration via holy light)

  • Feb. 19, 2021: Fixed the names of some pronouns in the custom pronouns section (thank you @choicehacker!). Also fixed a bug where genderfluid people’s pins magically changed along with their pronouns; it should read “depends” now :sweat_smile:
  • Feb. 16, 2021: First upload!

Feel free to correct me on my code/typos/etc. or ask questions! I hope this is useful for someone.


Oh my Neptune, this is genius. :ocean: :arrow_double_up: thank you!

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Thanks for sharing.

Suggestion: I believe your/his/my… are possessive adjectives, while yours/hers/mine… are possessive pronouns.


No problem! I’m glad it was helpful to someone :smiley:

AGH whoops, thank you for pointing that out! I’ll be uploading that (and a few other fixes) around tomorrow night (at the latest).

Edit: Never mind, I am unfortunately a gremlin who must do everything immediately, so the fix is uploaded! Go wild.

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