Permanently set variable

I have seen games that had choices that can only be accessible if you played thru the game already, or at least played thru a certain part. This means you would need a permanently set variable.

I have a 10k word prologue so I would want to make it that you can skip thru if you had already played it once. But that means I would need such a thing, so does anyone know how to do that?


It is set through achievements, I think. :slight_smile:


That works and I will use it if there is no other way, but I have seen games that didn’t use achievements.

If you don’t want to use achievements you could always just have a choice before the prologue.

Do you want to play through the prologue?
        *goto prologue
        *goto chapter_one

Yes that would work but it is important to read the prologue at least once.

You could rephrase the question “Have you played this game before?”

I currently use an achievement for the choice which works for now, but I will consider that as well, thanks for the help. :+1:


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