*if game_has_been_finished = true

Is there a variable check you can perform to see if someone’s finished the story before?

....#Hear critical world rules information.
....*if game_has_been_finished = true #Do something else (you already know the world rules).
  • Of course, this *command would require HG and COG packaged games to recognise whether a player has completed the game, even if that can’t be replicated in a WIP.

  • I’d be equally happy with a command that can tell if a player has selected that choice in a previous, unfinished, iteration of the game.

  • I’m not hugely happy with breaking the fourth wall on this and writing next to the choices ‘I already know the world rules’

(Sorry if there’s a topic on this already - I couldn’t come up with the right search terms to find it)


Just have the player earn an achievement for completing the game, then use the check achievements command to see if that particular one has been earned.


That’s very helpful, thanks. That also means I can activate it for people who didn’t finish before they decided to read through again.


Just for a note, the command is


and this, in turn, will create a variable called

choice_achieved_<<achievement codename>>

That’s what I did in XoR so that anyone who has reached the end of the game won’t get the Author’s Note at the beginning again.