Penalty Kick - A Soccer/Football Game



The demo very much piqued my interest!:grinning: I was wondering, will the mc have the opportunity to play on the nt at any point?


Another sport game, eh?
A least its better than Fielders Choice


I will get to romance the agent Kelly right. Lol


Fielders choice is actually what inspired me to make this game. Well that and my love for soccer. But yeah I knew that sports games could be done better than that.

Most definitely. She will be an RO haha

Also, as a general note, from Friday to Sunday I generally work around 35 hours. That and managing family leaves little time for working on Penalty Kick. But my weekdays are much better so expect updates throughout the week but not so much on weekends.


I found Fielders Choice to be decent, but I do like Soccer better than Baseball, so I am excited for this! Wondering in the ROs, are the friends options? Then maybe some on the team? Also a fan of each of the three teams and how they have their own stories regarding how long they have been in the Second League.


is me or i played this wip a long time ago and you have come back? hmmm :thinking:


Both friends will be RO’s! As well as Kelly, Bradley, and two others yet to be introduced yet.

This is my first time attempting a WiP. There must have been another soccer game on here a while back.


there was a game where you can flirt with a girl (and his father i think was an agent of some good club) so this game kinda reminded me of that one.
on a side note i hope you dont make the same mistake as Fielders and make this game RNG.


I feel like you guys are being a bit too nitpicky about the game. Lets not scare him off now and this WIP goes into the halls of Dead Sports Games with Great Potential. And can we try not to compare it to Slammed!? That is the death of so many sports games.

Now that being said, to appeal to everyone, I would recommend you adding explainations of sporting terms. Not everyone is gonna know who the Goalie, Striker, Midfielder or Defender is and what’s their roles, and no one likes to make a blind choice. But it seems like it’s going to be a great game, and I’ll be here every step of the way to check out the demo and hopefully, the finished product!


Thank you for the kind words! And although I do think several of the comments have been nit picky, I don’t mind all that much. I have the story laid out and know what I personally would like the game to be. But it’s also good to get every perspective and tweak the game how I can to fit what they want.

With that said, the next thing I’ll be implementing is a terms dictionary located within the stats area for people not familiar with all of the specific lingo. I have a great idea of how I want it to look so I don’t expect it to be too hard to do.

Also, as I’ve mentioned earlier, I haven’t been able to work on it over the weekend due to work, but tonight and tomorrow I have tons of time and am ready to get back to it.

Thank you everybody for the replies and kind words. Keep them coming along with any idea you’d like to throw out there.


Good luck mate, always loved me some sports WIP’s. Are you going to have a completely different path for female version as it says you are the first ever woman? Also how many seasons will the career last?


After you talk with your parents/friends etc and click on " Nobody. I’m ready to leave home already" It shows an error saying
startup line 443: Expected choice body
and you can’t continue


It’s the current end of the demo, I believe.


I don’t think it is, you see a scene in the code later where you choose how to spend your night


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