Participants for master's thesis research needed!


I’m looking for participants for my Master’s Thesis research. In it, you’d need to play a short audio game, and then fill a questionnaire.

Due to technological reasons, the program is a Windows one. It should work as-is on Windows 10 and newer, and 8.1 with a correct C++ runtime installed (I believe), but other than that, I cannot help. (Feel free to run it on Linux if you know how, but you’ll have to figure that one out yourself.)

You’ll also need to have a microphone (I recommend a headset if possible, to minimize background noise) and have audio on (again, headset helps) since the game uses speech.
If that sounds like something you’d be willing and able to do, great! If not, I thank you for reading.

You can download the required files from here:
zip package or 7z package
Both versions should have the same contents, but the zip is a bit larger (and more prone to an antivirus wiping parts of it because it includes program code). There is also a file with more detailed instructions included in the package.

Thank you!


whatever this is, good luck Lili :wink:

Interesting. I will try to download it at home. (I am on my cellphone now).

Good luck with your Thesis!

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I can help too, I get an idea of how important this must be for you. Take care and wish all the best in your Masters

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