Authoring IF (and other Interactive Digital works) experience

Hi everyone, I posted this under the General category a few months back but I thought in case some of you haven’t seen this, I’ll post this under here as well.

I am a doctoral researcher with the University of Southampton, UK and I am looking to conduct a 30 minute interview by whatever means possible with people who are active in writing with any digital interactive authoring tool such as CS. Let it be hypertext based, parser based, choise-based, or whatever exists out there, I am keen and looking to listen from a variety of personal reflections on your experience with trying to use one of these tools and write a piece of digital interactive work.

The study is looking to identify issues around the use of the tools and determine whether there is an underlying authoring process that if brought forward can help authors understand the tools better and use them to write exactly what it is they want to write, as well as inform designers on what they should keep in mind when developing the tools.

I would appreciate a lot those authors who are willing to come forward and have a chat with me. If you are interested please email me at or where I can tell you more about the study and how you can take part.

Any feedback is highly valuable and we can only take such feedback from authors like most of you who experience authoring first hand.

Many thanks in advance

Sofia Kitromili

P.S The study will be looking to conduct interviews until May 2020 so feel free to contact me anytime until then.


I did this the first time it was mentioned and it was a lot of fun; my girls even ended up making some unexpected appearances in the video after they woke up, but Sofia was cool with it. I’d love to see more CoG/HG authors participate.

Also @anon88467797 , in case you hadn’t tried it yet, you may want to put this same request on the interactive fiction subreddit; I imagine a lot of people from other platforms would be interested if they saw it on there.


Matt thank you so much for saying so. It was indeed a great input from you and the girls were certainly a cheerful sight :slight_smile:

Thank you for suggesting the subreddit community, I wasn’t aware of it, that seems like a great place to look for.