Parenting simulator re release

What does the parenting simulator rerelease mean? Will I have to purchase it again?

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It is being released on Steam.

If you want the game on Steam, then you’ll need to buy it there, otherwise, if you already purchased it, you should still have the game on your original platform.

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Ah I see. It was just kind of an odd way to put it.


No, rebuying it on Steam when you already own it elsewhere is not required. Just strongly, strongly, strongly encouraged. And also required.

Nah, but seriously, anyone who bought it once has already done a lot. There’s no pressure to rebuy it.


“To Steam” isn’t one of those free transfer options. To get a game on Steam, you have to pay Steam. Jason explained why they can’t do free transfers across all platforms a few years ago (replace Google or Apple w Steam in the quote):


Oh, I was mistaken then. It’s only that I remembered transfers I got before to Steam so I guess maybe Steam’s policy changed or it is different between games? Thank you, that’s good to know!

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Goodness this got way more attention than I thought it would. I wouldn’t assume I’d be able to get the game for free on steam, that’s silly. I just thought that rerelease might mean more content or something. Which I would of course happily pay more for.

Thank you all for your replies. I hope you are all happy and safe.