Palace of Paradise - WIP

I really like Dayta from that very brief encounter. Lanni and Espera are pretty great too.

Dayta definitely makes me think of Zendaya’s take on MJ with Michelle. All the characters are definitely interesting though!

I loved the demo very much! :heart_eyes:The characters here are as diverse as in Triana Academy which is one of my favorite games here. Wish you luck and creativity! :heart::heart::heart:

Oh no…I like all the ROs so far… what am I gonna doooo :joy:
Also I don’t know if it takes a lot of work but would you consider making the wip have saving files? It’s just cause I want to try all the funny dialogue options and it would make it easier instead of restarting the game (but ofc if it takes a lot of work I totally understand!)

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I’m happy to hear you enjoy the cast and dialogues! And no, it’s not a lot of work, it took one button press on my end. You should be able to save now. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!! :smiley:

I really like this so far and Espera is absolutely best girl

I’m starting to sense a pattern… :slight_smile:


Muahahaha, all the chuunis shall gather under the banner of the beholder of the demonic eye. Arise my brothers and sisters. The time is near. :laughing:


I’ve played at last!! I think it has potential (as all your three wips) and I’ll be keeping an eye on it. Another thing… Isn’t Orion… it’s a little similar to Raven, I mean with this “special attention” he gives to MC… That made me smile and laugh… A little.
But those words are like rain on the dessert when Orion asks if the MC is single:

This is dangerous territory… “The darkness within…tells me I shouldn’t answer…” thanks for those options. They’re great!:laughing:


Haha, thank you!

Orion isn’t in any way crazy or infatuated with the MC like raven is, I promise :slight_smile: Hes more or less just tunnel visioned haha. Not the sharpest tool, but genuine.
I’m glad I added those options too. I always have as much fun as I can with my works haha


Feel like the roommate did not think their whole plan through.

Roommate: Has crush on MC, buys dating game to spend time with them and hopefully they’ll take a hint and realize roommate is in love with them.

MC: Possibly ends up showing interest in other people in dating game.



Hahaha, true that. Poor roommate


I’m still gonna date them in my first playthrough so they’re lucky I like them so much. Next playthrough… I’m sorry :cry:

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It’s good to know. I’m not sure HG could handle another character similar to Raven.
(And Raven is one of my fav.)

I think too the roommate it’s not so clever on relationships or with their feelings towards MC. :upside_down_face:

I seriously love the rp responses. They are so hilarious. I am so looking forward to more of this


Oh wait a minute the roommate has a crush on the mc? Jesus I’m so oblivious to these types of details :confounded:


I wasn’t quite aware of it until No_This_Is_Patrick mentioned it.

Our roommate just spent 400-800$ on two copies of the game, which, unless everyone on this universe is rich, seems like a lot. I also agree that if this was their idea of a “confession” then they sure didn’t think it through. The game is super popular and advertised as being able to match players to their “one-true-love” with precision.

There are a thousand different ways that could go wrong for them… lol… and we “lucked” out because normal servers can host up to 50 players but because we’re “VIPs” we got to a special one that caps at 10. Either our roomie finds their pair as well or this is just free drama for the story… :stuck_out_tongue:


Tumblr post by Leo confirmed their crush, they thought the MC would take a hint and realize already lol.


Whatever happened to just sending your significant other or interest the “We’ll bang, ok?” meme? :stuck_out_tongue: