Palace of Paradise - WIP

Hello, I’m Leo! :slight_smile:

This is a new romance game I’ve been tinkering with on my off-time: Palace of Paradise.

In a time where virtual reality has become a staple of modern living, a new dating simulation releases that sweeps the industry for its ambitious breadth: Palace of Paradise. Hosting a plethora of events in localized servers that match players to one another, this game guarantees a 100% outcome of finding your one true love! Will the advertising prove truthful to you?

You may know me from one of my other WIP threads, Residence of Reeker Hill or Triaina Academy. This game, due to more popular demand, will take precedence over Reeker Hill, but rest assured Triaina Academy is still my top priority. This is currently a short demo that introduces all of the cast, and will be added to on my recuperation from writing Triaina scenes.

Without further adieu, here’s the demo:

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think! :slight_smile:


Love your banter, very charming and energising! Writing feels bouncy and well-paced.

Sad that, as a cetero nb, this game only gives me options between man and woman NPCs.


Thank you for your kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the dialogue. :slight_smile:

I apologize that I have yet to introduce a nb choice within my games: as a person fairly ignorant to the intricacies of presenting non-binary individuals, along with have no personal experience regarding the topic, I deign to omit the option rather than attempt to write something I may botch horrendously haha.

I’m sure given some time and research, I will go back through the games and tweak it to allow for the selection of nb for the ROs, as the current way I set up the selected gender would allow for that. My problem is when I do, I don’t just want it to be a pronoun shift, because that would be doing a disservice and I may as well not add it in the first place. I hope you understand haha.


What’s this? Another game by Leo? And it’s just as great as all the others?! :astonished:

You. Are. Amazing! Also, I love the personality choices for the MC especially the emo/broody ones. And the choice with Shin’rak the banisher. (That’s totally sounds like something I would do. That option was just so relatable and I thank you for it :rofl:)


But… The main character can already be non-binary, and that’s already just a pronoun shift.


I really laugh when I saw “Applebees” as a name. Please tell me one of the ROs is the AI.


just a small mistake.


I’m glad you enjoyed that :slight_smile:

Yes, for now. I will of course be referencing the MC, although for them it is much easier to leave the self insert to the player. Physically describing all the ROs as nb, as well as incorporating the later dynamics of the nb/nb pairings however, I will have to actively research how to do, especially for the more physical interactions, so bare with me there haha.

Yes. And fixed, thank you!


I loved the game and i’m already engrossed in the characters. I noticed when you meet Dayta (Female) and you ask how she floats it misgenders her



W-will there be more character creations(sorry but how you guys call that again) in the future? Because, Lann has hazel eyes!:pleading_face: Now I’m jealous(no, I’m kidding).

If I couldn’t have hazel eyes, I would banish thee to thy realm of darkest light!:smiling_imp:

Although Shin’Rak the Banisher would appreciate if I could pet the rabbits and say they are evil at the same time, pretty please?

The game has a lot of fun already, and I like the personality approach choices especially Shin’Rak the Banisher!

Really liked this one. The humour is doesn’t come off as too stilted and really gets you into the action immediately. A real plus so I suppose I’ll have to check out your other wips too!

(Can I mention how surreal it is to see my name used for once in fiction? Makes me a bit giddy…:laughing:)


This is really good! I love all the characters so far especially the interactions and our responses! :rofl: Are you ever going to create a character that I hate? :thinking:
Keep up the good work Leo!! :hugs:

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Great introduction! I am impressed how easily you can create well rounded characters for romance who are all interesting and distinctive. :grin:

My favorite game of the three just got shoved to the bottom of the pile… :weary:

Also, don’t get me wrong, more games is always nice but… are you sure you can deliver? :thinking:
Managing 3 text games at once is no joke, I’m worried it may affect your quality or that you will get burned out and quit half-way through.

I understand the strategy here of splitting your time between 3 games so that you don’t get too bored or stuck on any particular story, but from my limited experience on the forum I can say most writers I’ve seen who attempt such a feat usually get burned out rather quickly due to the large load you place upon yourself. Of course these are your stories (and great ones at that) so I welcome the idea, but I’d just say be careful with overworking yourself since you probably won’t progress with each story as quickly as you think you will. Good luck on it though and I hope to see each of your games develop great! :smiley:

Edit: Okay, so I decided to play through the game a second time and I kinda got myself stuck in an infinite loop I think? Basically, for the tour, the player shouldn’t be able to visit any location twice. Because I decided to do that for the fun of it. Don’t let them do that. I’m now stuck in the tour forever. :slight_smile: Also I noticed in the palace when you meet Esper/Espera, it accidentally uses Kia/Kian’s name instead of Esper/Espera in one of the choices, so make sure to fix that.

I haven’t read it yet but the premise reminds me of that episode of Black Mirror. “Hang the DJ” I think was the name.

I’m glad you enjoyed them!

Applebees, is that you…?

I plan on it now haha :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Ahh, I’m sorry :frowning:

Don’t worry, I’m more only managing two, Triaina and This game for now, and pushing Residence of Reeker Hill on hiatus. Like I said, I have to make some priorities, so I won’t be attempting to juggle 3 works: I will be working primarily on Triaina Academy and taking breaks from it by writing Palace of Paradise.

Yes, that’s exactly right, that’s why I won’t be spitting all of my time between multiple games haha. Rest assured I will take a reasonable amount of breaks outside of writing to pace myself. :slight_smile:

Yeah, for now that’s the case, so have fun checking out every option in one playthrough before I fix it haha. The tour is where the demo ends so there’s nothing beyond there yet.

Gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:


I was also going to mention Kia/Kian’s name being used instead of Esper/Espera but on the bright side, their reaction definitely made them my favorite so far !!

The characters are very lively and full of personality, which is a huge driving factor for me when it comes to stories. Can’t wait for more! :heart:


So I was procrastinating when I stumble upon this wip…

Breaths in


Espera reminds me of Rikka from Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai. Finally a character that I can relate too and also understand me if she really existed that is…

Yes I have a lot of delusions don’t ask why… Lol


I’m totatlly not gonna fight you. Espera is my favourite, too (of this wip)

Ah I see, you’re a man of culture as well

And @LeoXII You know that I have a reallife, too right? With responsibilities and stuff. Could you please stop making awesome WIPs with even better characters. You know like it’s simply not possible that I want to romance them all AGAIN. Why do you do this to me. Stop it! No? Okay who needs RL anyways, if I can have such IFs.

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I loved the demo especially dueling Esper in rpg speak though hazel should probably be a selectable eye color

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