Out of curiosity


Is it possible to create a CYOA game using Dashington in a similar fashion to Zork and other interactive fictional games? Basically you get a sample of text explaining the current events, your environment, etc, but rather than getting a few choices about what course of action to take you are given the freedom to actually type in what you want to do. Let’s presume we’re locate right outside a decrepit house with a mail box hanging precariously to the side, you type “Inspect mailbox” to see if has any contents or you could simply “Approach house” and “Look around” to see if anything catches your attention, etc. Would that be possible or too complicated to be even be worthwhile?


Do you mean choicescript? Dashingdon only host the COG WIP.


Dashingdon.com is essentially a hosting service. You would need to contact @Dashingdon and ask him if you can host a non-choicescript game there. If you want to create a game similar to Zork then you should look into one of the methods of doing that.


Maybe? I’m not sure what engine/system the authors use to create their games, but I heard “Dashingon” a few times so I assumed that was it.


There are ways to do this; some games make comments when you put in certain custom names for your MC, for example, so that is a thing. CS might be the wrong system for a game that’s all inputs though.


Yeah that would be choicescript. I feel like it would be pretty hard to do to be honest. I think the codes would end up going crazy.


Yes, that’s what was I basing my theory on - if we can input our names then, maybe, there’s a chance we could creating something like a Zork game. But it looks like it may be just a tad too complicated to be worth the effort.


@Dashingdon is a guy with a website. He’s been kind enough to allow for the rest of the choicescript community to use his webspace to upload their games. It’s not a programme or anything.

Yes you could create something like Zork in choicescript. No, you shouldn’t do it though. It’s using the wrong tool for the job. It’d be so inefficient.


In the Interactive Fiction community, the type of game you’re describing is called a “parser-based” game, as opposed to “choice-based” games, written in ChoiceScript. (They’re called “parser-based” because you type something and the game has to parse it, understand what you mean, and do it.)

Far and away the most popular system for developing parser-based IF is Inform. http://inform7.com/


There is also textadventures.co.uk
Many such games on their website, and you can easily build your own games


As Dan said, you’d want to check out Inform7. CS can be used with a bit of tight coding, but you’ll drive yourself up a wall doing it.


I think the only question would be if the staff at CoG and/or HG would accept a parse-based game. You could create a parse system, but it would take a shitload of time. Still doable, though.