Otome Games

Oh wow, so many replies! Haha, I wish I had checked in sooner! There’s so many suggestions… I’m not going outside for awhile (:<

@pyla8 I’ve played a lot of the ones mentioned, but also there are some new ones. I’m really glad she came out with the demo for Ascension! I really loved her other games (despite the grammar at times) and I think she has a lot of potential. I’m looking at some of your recs, and they look so good!

@Grapefruit Holy shit, that website is so useful.

@Sashira I think I played the demo for Heileen, and then forgot about it. Its all fuzzy in my head. Knowing that there is a f/f romance arch really interests me. I’ll definitely give it a go again.

@alliebee Oh god, that true ending. THAT TRUE ENDING! I think the worst of the two is when the boy dies, but his crying face is so heart breaking. And his friend is SO pissed. You just know she hates you, and hides it behind a smile her entire life.

Omg, guys, there are so many suggestions. I’m still sifting through them. I feel like Harry in the Sorcerers stone where all of his letters are flying through the room and he can’t pick them all up at once.


Is the game worth it? I tried the demo but 30$ is a bit much ;\

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It was definitely worth it for me. Even though it’s thirty dollars, you get at least thirty hours worth of gameplay. That’s less than a dollar an hour while listening to good music and interacting with gorgeous guys.

That said, make sure you’re fine with the aspects I made warnings about before you decide to put down the money.

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Here’s a good list of english Otome games


It is definitely budget-heavy. The writing is great, the art is well-done, and you don’t really need to buy any additional content to make sense of it. For each given guy, there’s a main story, a sequel, and you can also get the main story as told from his point of view. So if you just want to try it out, check out the main story. The “best ending” is something you can pay to unlock, BUT it is also possible to get it yourself, with much difficulty (the right answer is not always obvious.)

I would suggest starting with Vince the Bootlegger (cocky guy, fun, sharp dresser) or Neil (ended up being my favorite, is the least interested in getting to know you but has the most going on as a character.)

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So Regency Love is a really fun indie Jane Austen-esque dating sim. You play a Regency Era heroine who can find herself being courting by one of three bachelors (so far). The art, music, and writing all are lovely and, in particular, the dialogue options and personality traits stick out to me as smart. It really feels as if you’re playing in an Austen novel. Tea for Three Studios is releasing a Wickham-esque bachelor expansion in a few days and I am personally quite excited about it. :blush:

ETA: +1 to Hatoful Boyfriend and Cinders recommendations.


I loved regency love too! The artwork is very cute and the writing is excellent. I cant wait for the new route :smile: I didn’t know it’s going to be a Wickham type man!

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Well he’s a soldier anyway that everyone is trying to steer you away from, so feels like Wickham to me! But knowing Tea for Three, he’s probably a lot kinder than Austen’s character. He’s the one named Graham you meet at the ball when the troops come to town!

The mc in speakeasy is quite a change from the usual voltage mc as she’s assertive, out going and sex positive. I also liked the Queen’s gambit and especially the Senator’s route.


Yes i remember him, he’s the blonde with long hair, right? :slight_smile:

I am a little miffed that you will have to pay for his romance, I can understand why they are doing that though.

I really enjoyed the game, I have never played anything like it before.

Yeah, it can definitely be frustrating, but I also like the idea that my money is supporting the hard work of these three women putting together an indie game for very little profit. That makes it more tolerable, for me. The other new content won’t cost extra, though!

And @valkycam, yes! The one with the ponytail! :smiley:

I agree. The product is good and from what they wrote on their blog they’re still grad students. Well everyone has to eat.

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Oh my god I was checking out this thread again, playing some of the games that I missed and I finally got around to playing Aloners and it was GREAT!! I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. I desperately want more stories with the characters. Thanks for recommending it!

Also I’m having a hard time finding The Second Reproduction :confused: Where did you find it?

@pyla8 Have you seen the new 7 kingdoms princess problem demo?? It’s GREAT! One of the best games I’ve ever played. I cannot wait for the full release


I played the demo too, I swear that I have never been more in love with a game.

Who’s your favourite? Mine is either Clarmont or Lyon.

I LOVE 7KPP. All of the backgrounds are so fun, and honestly I like the friendships more than romances in this game. (Penelope, anyone?)

And I was totally surprised to find out that Lisle is gay but I also think it will make things really interesting!

My recommendation that I haven’t seen here is a free game called The Blind Griffin. It’s VERY linear (like 3 choices per path?), but the story is really sweet, the art is gorgeous, and the characters are really well done.


I thought he was either gay or highly sadistic. :smiley: I was betting for sadistic though, The perfect people seem to be the freakiest. :wink:

My favorites are Zarad and Hamin! I have a weakness for Gisette, but she’ll mostl likely end up killing my character tbh.

Does anyone have any recs to share? I’ve looked/played most of the games mentioned above.


@Wolfsra like @attolia my favorites are Zarad and Hamin. I volunteered to be a beta tester for the game so I’ve played through it a bajillion times at this point. With different MCs though, I like to go for different guys. My favorite MCs are the pirate background, and the Corval one, though I might be a bit biased
My Corval court lady MC primarily goes for Hamin or Lyon (I’ve played every MC getting with every possible RO at this point :wink:)
And my pirate MC goes for Zarad or Clarmont.
I like the Corval vs Pirates thing, which is why the ZaradxPirate and CorvalxHamin romances are my favorites, they add the potential for a lot of interesting political stuff coming up.
But each MC has different connections with the ROs that make them particularly special, I also love sheltered princess with Emmett because they played together growing up etc. etc.
I love that lots of little scenes change depending on where your MC is from too, it makes the game so much more meaningful!

I’ve also discovered every secret so far, including 3 secret RO, and the person who caused the issue with the horse ride AKA who tried to kill you , how to get each romance and see all the scenes, the game has such a ridiculously huge amount of content I’ve had no problems with boredom even doing so many playthroughs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: So if anyone has any questions or wants hints about how to achieve certain goals please feel free to ask me! I love finding other people who love this game, I seriously love talking about it but my friends haven’t played it :sleepy:
Maybe I should make a new thread just abou 7KPP? What do you guys think?

@seabean I 100% knew Lisle’s secret before it was revealed to us, because if you look at the romance bar with him, the bar NEVER goes up. He also never talks about any girls, no one has ever seen him with one which is part of his “perfect” reputation, and he gets mad when you ask him what kind of girl he likes. Also at the introduction part of the game if you talk to the Chaperon from Wellin he tells you you’re wasting your time if you wanna go after Lisle.
Also I’ve played blind griffin! It IS very pretty! I love the 1920s outfits and atmosphere.

I was bored last night and had otome games on the brain so I played these three FREE games. I’m kind of a night owl, so I had a lot of time.
"In the far away land of Sugaria, where peppermint princes, knights in shining chocolate and other sugary delights delve, three girls one day encounter mysterious magical objects in the enchanted forests of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate woods. Decide their fate and destiny as they venture throughout the vast lands of Sugaria."
Significantly more interesting (and occasionally depressing) than the story sounds, in that description. The world building is great pretty great too :slight_smile:

and [Cafe Rogue][2]
"Isis, your average American teenager, happens upon a part time job opening at Café Rouge. During the day, it is a normal, quaint café and bakery. But when night takes over, it is transformed into a five star restaurant-theater-café, with live stage performances and first class customers arriving in the middle of the night. As Isis delves deeper into this strange café, she becomes entangled in the mystery of its’ haunted world. Will she find friends, or enemies? Will she follow fate or make her own destiny? Will she find love?"
This game has 3 main paths, each actually branches quite a bit, sometimes leading you to your death :confused:
Cafe Rogue has some minigames, but you can skip those.

Both of these games are by the same author, Skights is currently unfinished, it’s up to part of chapter 5 right now. Cafe Rogue was the author’s 1st game, and she is considering doing a revamp of the series (ha! It’s funny cause I said “reVAMP” vamp like vampire and the game is about vampires! okay maybe it’s not that funny)
The games are fun to play, but unfortunately I haven’t found any that come close to 7KPP, or the amount of choices it offers :,(

“Young Serafina has spent her entire life alone in the jungle with only her guardian, a mysterious man named Arken, as company. When Arken is captured by a group of soldiers and carried away, Serafina must venture outside the forest to save him. On her journey to the heart of the kingdom, Serafina discovers a whole new world beyond the shadows of the jungle. She will also learn the dark truth of Arken’s past and thus her own. How she chooses to use this knowledge will change the fate of the entire kingdom.”

Pretty cool. I like stories about with stronger women in them, which is why, if you like that stuff too and you feel like dropping the cash, I’d also recommend games like The Royal Trap.

If you’re not JUST looking for otome games though, and are willing to spend the cash, MORE THAN ANYTHING I highly recommend the different series of games by Telltale Games; The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Game of Thrones, or The Borderlands. And if you like any of the source material those games are based off, I recommend it even more highly :smile:
[1]: http://joilly.com/skights
[2]: http://joilly.com/cafe-rouge
[3]: http://woodsy-studio.com/vn/serafinas-saga-visual-novel/


Is the person trying to kill you always the same? I know at first I thought it was Jasper, But after the encounter between Jasper and that mystery dude I don’t think so. I am pretty sure Jasper knows him though, Brother or ex close friend maybe?