Other IF games with stats

I don’t know if this is answered anywhere in the forum, I did try to search. So my question is are there any other interactive fiction games out there that are like choice-script (text based games with stats in them). I know of a few that are installable on Android but non of them are stats based with the exception of Alter Ego with is in choice-script. So please try to enlighten me.

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Delight Games have stats, but they’re stories moreso than interactive games, and the stats themselves only serve as highscores.

Now, Inkle games don’t have stats per se, but a few have several things you need to keep an eye on, such as health and money, and I personally recommend Inkle over Delight, especially the Sorcery! series.


Yes I did read some of the delight games. Though I did not like them, high score is all well but stats feel more engaging. Thanks for the suggestion. :cherry_blossom:

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3150 Dahlia St. is still a wip paranormal, mystery game using Choicescript. I’m currently in love with it and its characters. :heart_eyes: You should check it.


i recommended this in the other thread asking for more IF games, but Fallen London is a fantastic, free game with incredible world-building, and it’s way more stat heavy than any ChoiceScript game i’ve seen (occasionally to it’s detriment, as it gets a bit grindy at parts, but it’s a great game to play for a few minutes a day)

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Thanks a lot for your kind reply dear

Academagia is very text-heavy and has a LOT of stats to play with. It’s an excellent ‘spend one year in a magic school’ game, very atmospheric, and plenty of choices to make. The world building is also rather fantastic, I keep wishing for more games that use that setting.

Less text heavy and more gamey but still featuring quite a bit of text, and lots of stats :

  • King of Dragon Pass. A game where you manage a clan of your choice through different scenarios. The setting is interesting, and you get resource management along with making narrative choices that influence the fate of your clan.
  • Long Live the Queen. Don’t let the anime aesthetic fool you, it’s about trying to guide the titular queen so she can survive through cutthroat fantasy politics, rather than about looking at cute girls. Somewhat less text, but still a fair bit for the simulation genre. Lots of stats.
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