Other CYOA/IF games?

Oh cool! Last time I checked, I couldn’t get this in my region. I’ve heard great things about the Titanic one, plus it’s written by Meg Jayanth, who co wrote 80 Days, so it’s bound to be good.


Ooh x-files. Sold! (Downloads, now I just need the time to read it :grin: )


It’s still not available in my region :frowning_face:

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I love choice of games but “And The Sun Went Out” by tinman games is the best interactive fiction out there, I re-read it all five times and all the five times got me emotional, choices matter and you’ve got plenty of them, even though romance is not the focus when it does happen, it’s everything… and well, there’s Moti!
(and to be honest I’m utterly surprised nobody has mentioned it before :thinking:)


That’s written by an HG author here @Felicity_Banks if you’re looking for more of her work :slight_smile:


There’s a thread about the second story, “Choices That Matter: And Their Souls Were Eaten” here. (Choices: And Their Souls Were Eaten (fantasy steampunk)) I wrote all of it, set in the same steampunk world as my published “Antipodean Queen” trilogy and several other interactive tales.

I could have sworn there was one for “And The Sun Went Out” (fun fact: the end was released originally on Christmas Day, because my co-writers are evil).

In other news, yes. Moti. dissolves into weeping with love at that sweet child


I just found this app too and I’m so in love. It is definitely geared toward a more adult audience versus a teenage one as many in the same vein appear to be, it tackles complex issues and addresses mature themes, and it doesn’t shy away from more mature and complicated romance.

I’m super excited for one of their upcoming ones called Ageless. It’s right up my alley. :,)

To quote from the website, it’s a:

“Gothic, sexy, horror epic meets high-fashion drag theater. It’s a spectacle.”

  • Meghan Thornton, Studio Lead Writer, writing Ageless

From their website/the subReddit, here’s what the MCs will look like. (1.They’re absolutely gorgeous. And 2.They offer a non-binary MC, which is a first I’ve seen from apps like these.)

Non-binary, make, and female:

So very hyped.


oh my god how come I didn’t know you were here as well!!! yes I read that one too!!! just as amazing and I’m currently waiting for and their heroes were lost to update (even though it hurts because tactical one reminds me of moti…) I’m forever grateful because your stories were the reason I got into cyoa games :hugs:


Oh! Thank you so much! I’m writing a prequel to “And Their Souls Were Eaten” at the moment (sort of writing two prequels, actually, but one doesn’t have any character links to other games). There’s a full list, in recommended reading order, here.

Basically, whenever I learn a new story system I write another steampunk tale in that system.


What I’ve seen of Heaven’s Vault so far has been really good. (Same company as 80 Days and Sorcery!)


Ahem… can you actually choose your gender in these games? Titanic and X-Files sounds good though I hope they’re not the types with ‘buy every chapter for five bucks’ or ‘crystals for every choice!’ :roll_eyes:

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In Titanic you play a female character, I can’t speak to the others.

I suppose that makes sense, though it would be nice to play as a Jack Dawson type and romance Rose as with the other way round. X-Files probably suits multiple genders more with the genre.

I do find the habit of these apps to snap up licences and use them for so so cash grabbing tales with little to no actual interactivity disconcerting. Though if Disney authorised a romance Disney Princess/Marvel character/Star Wars character game I might be interested…, :sweat_smile:

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In the eternal city I played as a female. I know one of their future games are not gender locked.

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The scary spinoff to XOXO Droplets has been released. And it’s FREE. Here is the synopsis:

JB has been attending the fancy boarding school Saint Sara Belle for almost a year now. Along with six other students, she’s forced to join an after-school group created for those that are deemed ‘unfriendable’. JB is fine with that, especially because one of the awful people there is her special someone. Well maybe.

As much as JB is fixated on her chosen suitor at the start of the tale, the guy may not be worth the great deal of trouble it’ll take to actually be with him. The amount of ridiculous, winding ways the story can unfold is frightening. All you can count on for sure is that it will be crazy.


Could someone recommend any clog/if games that have m/m romance?

I mean, it’s a pretty long list because it’s easy to find m/m romance in any if game, all the choice of games for example.

I mean other companies, I’ve new to IF and found myself here by accident and have pretty much read all the choice of games/ hosted games that interest me (study in steampunk, Fallen Hero, wayhaven Chronicles, silverworld, werewolves: haven rising, samurai of hyuga and many others) and up to date with all my favourite wips
I’ve looked into tales, Storyscape and delight games but they all seem to have you play a usually pre determined female character . I’m just wondering if there are any if/cyoa games out there like choice of games where you can slightly customise your character and have a choice of same sex romance.

yep, there’s nothing like cog out there, so if you’re looking for good interactive fiction stories with romance… well, I only found it here.
as for choose your own adventure with male options maybe Choices? and The Arcana :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oof the Arcana, Julian and Asra both destroy me and I’ve probably spent more then I should. What about visual novels? I’ve played Red Embrace: Hollywood