Opposed pair relationships

Sorry if this has been posted already, but I have been reading for two days and can’t find anything.

I’m having trouble with… Opposed pair relationship, I have 3 ROs and want to display the relationship for them based on the player choices.

so if player want to romance #1 and #2 how do I made it so the opposed pair stats display each RO percentage?



if you use opposed pair for this, think of it as leaning more towards one thing or the other.

add new variables:

*create wylove 10
*create jerlove 10
*create blylove 10

and change the bit in the stats to this:

Relationship with Wyatt
opposed_pair wylove

Relationship with Jerome
opposed_pair jerlove

Relationship with Bly
opposed_pair blylove

That way it will start displaying the stat starting at 90% friends and increase the lovers-bar over time.

Another thing you could do might be this:

*create wyrel "friends"


percent wylove $!{wyrel}

(and the respective other variables for the other ROs)

that way you’d start with a ten percent bar displaying it as ‘friends’ and once the MC gets into a relationship with them

*set wyrel "lovers"

(or the respective variable)


On a side note, just to explain:

Using the the code

opposed_pair Lovers

will mean that every time you increase the Lovers stat, it will increase each of your RO’s (i.e everywhere the Lovers stat is). This type of coding is typically used for personality stats, for example stoic vs charming. Every time you *set stoic %+5, the part of the bar that represents stoic will increase, and in turn, instead of worrying about charming, you would simply *set stoic %-5 to increase the charming stat.

To summarize:
You can type your code like this:

opposed_pair stoic

or like this:

opposed_pair jerome_relationship

or like this

opposed_pair trait1

thanks for the reply, yes I saw that it will increase it for all the RO since I created the variable Lovers and Friends, I will try to do it a different way like you suggest, but I also wanted to just display the relationship stats for the RO that the player chose and hide the other stats for the other RO that player did not chose… by using the *if statement I got something like that…!


thanks, I like the idea of starting friends at 90%, do you know how to only display the stats for one RO that the player choose? and hide the stats for the other ones… I’m thinking it is the *if statement not sure how to code it… thank you

depends what you want to do in the game.

does the player meet all characters? or only whichever RO they picked?

Player meet all 3 characters butt will have the option to romance one or two of them

I’ll give you an example of how some stats work with my own code:

*label relationships
*temp nina_text ""
*temp ansel_text ""
*temp amicia_text ""
*temp rowan_text ""
*temp saar_text ""
*temp ilas_text ""

*text_image relationships.png center
*if ninamet = false
    You have not seen Nina today.
        percent Friendship
        percent Rivalry
*if ninamet = true
    *gosub nina_rel
    *set nina_text "friendship"
    *set nina_text2 "rivalry"
    [b]Nina Henderson[/b]
        percent nina_rel $!{nina_text}
        percent nina_rival $!{nina_text2}
*if ((catmet = false) and (ilasmet = false))
    You have not seen your cat today.
        percent Devotion
*if ((catmet = true) and (ilasmet = false))
    *gosub cat_rel
    *set cat_text "devotion"
        percent cat_rel $!{cat_text}
*if (catmet = true) and (ilasmet = true)
    *gosub illas_rel
    *set cat_text "friendship"
    *set ilas_text2 "rivalry"
    *set ilas_text3 "romance"
        percent cat_rel $!{cat_text}
        percent ilas_rival $!{ilas_text2}
        percent ilas_ro $!{ilas_text3}
*if anselmet = false
    You have not met Ansel yet.
        percent Friendship
        percent Rivalry
        percent Romance
*if anselmet = true
    *gosub ansel_rel
    *set ansel_text "friendship"
    *set ansel_text2 "rivalry"
    *set ansel_text3 "romance"
    [b]Ansel Kester[/b]
        percent ansel_rel $!{ansel_text}
        percent ansel_rival $!{ansel_text2}
        percent ansel_ro $!{ansel_text3}

While my startup looks like:

*create ninamet false
*create nina_rel 10
*create nina_rival 0
*create nina_text ""
*create nina_text2 ""

*create catmet false
*create cat_rel 50
*create cat_text ""
*create ilasmet false
*create ilas_rel 25
*create ilas_rival 0
*create ilas_ro 0
*create ilas_text ""
*create ilas_text2 ""
*create ilas_text3 ""
*create anselmet false
*create ansel_rel 0
*create ansel_rival 0
*create ansel_ro 0
*create ansel_text ""
*create ansel_text2 ""
*create ansel_text3 ""
*create Friendship 0
*create Rivalry 0
*create Romance 0
*create Devotion 0

Which looks like this in game:


This is for an example of how you would slowly introduce your RO’s in the game by simple setting the boolean variable to true. Notice I have one condition for meeting Nina, and two for meeting Ilas, this is because Ilas is originally presented to you as a cat, so you know them as such until it is revealed they are not, therefore I have the variables “catmet” and “ilasmet”

Notice: my stats are grayed out until the condition is met, then the relationship stats will show


then the easiest thing would be to roll with the name variable for the stat text, and switch it to lovers.

alternatively, if you decide on using percent stats instead of opposed pairs, you could use

Your Relationships

Wyatt, @{wylover your lover| a friend}
   percent wyrel Wyattt
Jerome, @{jelover your lover| a friend}
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thanks that is helpful to see how codes are written thank you.

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