Opinion on Sons of the Cherry

I just played this game and I liked it a lot. The idea of magic during the American Revolution go together really well. The only problem I had was the way it ended. The ending just cuts off and there is no closure from any of the endings I have played so far. I wanted to play more.

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yeah it was pretty interesting. and i agree on the ending. feels like its building up for the next game

What is this game and where?

It’s under the hosted games section on the main website.

Huh, I’m suprised there wasn’t a forum entry for it, it doesn’t seem to have particularly much publicity.

Anyways, my thoughts. The writing style didn’t really work for me, it just seemed too unfocused, no plot focus, no setting focus, no character focus, just stating stuff that’s happening. Definitely could have been eased into the setting a lot better, it sorta just started out “Bam! You’re magic and apparently since you discovered a crying little girl people know this, and by the way it’s the American revolution.” But on that note the setting was also underdeveloped.

The plot did not work for me AT ALL. Way too short, there was no scale, and much of the stuff seemed half baked. Why are the New Guard and the Sons of the Cherry rivals? What do they stand for? Why can I barely use my magic? Why should I care about this Miranda girl I just met? How does this magic work? How do these organizations operate? The questions go on.

I could just sum it up as, you’re framed for witchcraft, you join an organization, you do a meaningless mission, you meet Washington, then sequel bait.

I have to agree with 13. Yes I am magically gifted, but is there a why? Backstory is damn near pivotal if one is to even try to make a game. Slow it down, fluff it up a bit. Add more character development and set up more prologue questions then color and power. We don’t have any idea what kind of power does what, and what can we specialize in and wht the heck does it mean. If I was to describe it all into one word, clusterfuck comes to mind,

I really think this game is made for the fans of this already established fan-fiction right?

I agree. It seems like this game was part of a prexisting series. There wasn’t a lot of explanation of the world it takes place in, or the various factions vying against each other. I think the author probably imagined a very detailed alternate history, but it was hard to just jump into it in the middle. I never even really learned where my character lived or what he did for a living, he just seemed to be hanging out in the woods.

Also, a pet peeve of mine is when fantasy series have overly complex magic systems. I never really understood how the various types of magic worked in the game, or what my character’s powers were.

When I heard it was part of the “Waking Cassandra” series, I was hyped. It seemed like they had just left the “Nightmare Maze” hanging. I played it, got interested…and ended on a pathetic note. I liked “Wizard’s Choice” much better, in terms of both gameplay and story. This one had basically no story, little action, and left us hanging…again.

After a little digging around, it seems that this story is at least a year and a half old, and there doesn’t appear to be a second chapter anywhere. Further, I’m a little curious as to why it was released as a “new game” on the Waking Cassandra given its age. As best as I can tell, it seems the author may have decided to pick it up again.

In any case, I was disappointed by it. Choices are largely irrelevant since the ending scene is the same for both factions, and a lot of other, more insignificant choices have no effect whatsoever.
*minor spoilers* Further, all of the endings come suddenly - if you choose to flee to the forest, and then ignore the rider, the story abruptly breaks off, and you’re brought directly to the play again screen.

The game really does have potential, since I like both the premise and the writing, but it also really needs to be fleshed out a lot more so you can have a meaningful decisions.

I’d like to see it fleshed out more – a lot more. I wouldn’t call it a “clusterfuck”… not only is that needlessly brutal and discouraging, but the game’s weaknesses don’t completely obscure the fun of the concept. The revolutionary period is a good time to set a witches v. witchfinders game, and it culminates with the dramatic opportunity to kill or save a major historical figure. Woohoo!

But yes, the stats seemed largely superfluous, the plot rushed (especially if at any point you decide to jump off the Sons of the Cherry bandwagon), the backstory densely imagined but barely explored. I think it’s worth updating and expanding.

Also, is there any reason the character had to be default male? I’m not asking this to be PC police, but just wondering; on my three playthroughs, I don’t recall the character doing anything that a woman couldn’t also have done within the bounds of “historical verisimilitude” (which is hardly a major priority for this game anyway!) Any reason not to give it the old pronoun treatment to increase the enjoyment of many female players?

Just something to note for those who do not know:

The Waking Cassandra series is a long runner with a lot more content than just the games.


What the heck is the Waking Cassandra series anyway? I looked at the website but only found unfinished projects.

Yea, it seems like the creators take things off their site when they complete them. Can’t really find a whole lot about it.

A suggestion I would make is an option to increase the number of X chromosomes the main character has by 100%. The first couple of scenes were pretty compelling, though. I reckon the game has potential to be great!

Wait, so that means they either have 2 x’s a y… or 3 xs… Heh. Vin Diesel… Um, well either way that’s really weird.

@Canisa: what?

She said increase the number of x chromosomes by 100%. Oh wait, that actually means someone with one x and one y would have 2 x’s and a y, but someone with 2 xs would have 4… That’s even weirder.

Those that are just trying to be funny: Stop.

Those that are actually confused: She meant she would like there to be a gender option.