One last run - Story Concept

One last run

I appreciate any comment and questions about the game-story.

Story style - Drama, Romantic, Cruel and Dark.

The story of two roaming souls that walk through the time trying to meet each other ones again. However, these souls are sometimes far away from each other because of time, places, or moments that stop this from happening.

Play as Clare Goodheart (Present name), whose personality changes ever so slightly through time. Brave, stubborn, reckless. Known as well as, “Akira” “Samuel” “Okiro”

Or as Dillon Park (Present name), Courteous, clever and shy. Known as well as, “Cortos” “The kid” “Franchesco”

Fighting against social judgements, unstopable sickness, other places on Earth… this two souls must meet again no matter cost. The world will not stop to throw at you everything it has to stop you… destiny itself is against you and it will only get harder…

What do you say? One last run…


Hell yes! But is there any way to, like, customize yourself more? Maybe at least your name, and personality.


Sounds interesting.///////////

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@Just_Because I been thinking there could be some customize as this story is just a concept. Beside this very point, I been looking to keep the names of the present for personal reasons.

@AzraelFae900 Happy to know I have your attention.