One hint of magic - Book 1

I’ve begun working on my new game ‘One hint of magic’. It is already available on Google Play Store, but since I release it chapter by chapter, it’s still in progress. Currently, I’ve done about the first third of the whole book. There is also a second book planned as well as a prequel. Currently, there is a total of 50.000 words. I plan to update new story parts every two months. The story is completely for free.
Link to the Play Store:
This is not an official Hosted Games or CoG game, because I am working with 3D-graphics to make the story and the characters more vivid, so I decided to publish it in my own way.

About the app:
It’s mostly from a girl’s perspective, but during some specific scenes, you change to a male’s perspective. There is section for the character’s relationships, since relationships can change the course of the story and trigger special scenes. The genres are friendship, fantasy, romance
Short overview of the story:
The story is about five girls, who discover supernatural abilities like a special bond to one of the four elements. Laurel, the protagonist, also is repeatingly dreaming about a certain boy, but every time she encounters him in the dreamworld, his face looks unfocused. One day, a shady figure appears in her dreams as well, watching her from the shadows and threatening her. Laurel also encounters four other girls in the real world, who seem to have supernatural abilities just like her, though some of her friends seem closer to the darkness than Laurel might have thought at first. The following days, the five girls meet up regularly and eventually find the way to a hidden school that teaches magic. But not all is as well as it seems. Laurel keeps getting into bad accidents and someday, one of her friends suddenly disappears without a trace. Is this related to the creepy shadows, that lurk around the school? Are they somehow connected to the mysterious school director?


You may want to consider cross-posting it to, since it’s not directly related to CoG.

I can’t say it’s my cup of tea. But kudos for putting your work out there! :grin:

Thanks, I’ll do that :smiley:

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