OMG, Volume 1: A Lich In Time [Updated 16/6/20]

As a cleric in New Treslan, city of adventurers, your skillset is invaluable; those of your ilk are, they often say, the backbone of a party. When you and your companions find yourselves embroiled in a plot spanning multiple countries, will your resultant bonds be of appreciation or resentment? And, more importantly, can you thwart the return of the Jade Warlock?


The Party:

  • Rahman [Riddleblade/Scaleshield/Summerheart]
    He/him. A Human paladin who follows the same deity as you. Solemn and dutiful in his faith, but not entirely incapable of cutting loose.
  • Gwik “Mingo” Kwanik
    He/him. A flamingo Birdman vampire rogue. Wields the enchanted rapier “Shrimpskewer”. Avaricious and hedonistic, but ultimately good at heart.
  • Maeris Beastblaster & Tony
    She/her and he/him respectively. A trans Dwarven ranger and her mimic animal companion. Sardonic and cynical, and a veritable library of monster lore.
  • Kickflip Grellov & Tlekivikikirikianazal
    They/them and she/her respectively. A Goblin “skater warlock” whose patron is made of Avril Lavigne references, and their mosquito-like demon familiar. The pair of them are unified in their rebelliousness and problems with authority, but Tlekiviki is rather more vigilant than her master.
  • Thyllaglasiaal the Unfettered
    She/her. A Dreamspeaker, and the party’s driver. Has been living on the road for a long time. Hard-edged, rough-and-tumble, and also abidingly hospitable.
  • Z3RK
    They/them. A rebellious robot berserker. Was once an Enforcer unit, and ran away after achieving sapience. New to emotions and complex thought. Trying their best.
  • Vengabus the Inexorable
    He/him. A powerful Goblin lich. Your new backer. He is coming.
  • Guest Cleric
    In every new region you go to, you’ll meet a local cleric who’ll assist you for the duration of your stay.

I’m torn between which of two of my unused robot characters to add as the final permanent party member, so I’m putting it to a vote.

  • XLNC: Robot drama bard. Their name’s pronounced “excellency.” Very extra, all the time. Has dreams of making it big on Lordsway. Carries a nonfunctioning phone like Yorick’s skull.
  • Z3RK: Robot berserker. Was once an Enforcer unit, and ran away after they Awakened. Very new to to emotions and complex thought. Punk vibes. Trying their best. Their “rage” is going into autopilot.

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I love all my creations so the loser’s probably going to make an appearance in something else.


@Blattella contact the mods to open this when you have your link up! :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting but there only one female romance witch doesn’t give more choice


There are two female party members. Maeris and Thyll. Though the other gendered members do out number the women a bit, well probably meet more along the way. As adventures tend to go.

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I was hooked by your dreadful pun, intrigued by the eclectic cast of characters and dazzled by the quality of your writing. Even though it’s only a few passages long, this is already hugely promising. Very funny and joyfully anarchic but with a strong and distinctive mood. I’m a fan and I can’t wait to see how this develops.


thank you!!

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This sounds really intriguing! Imma try it immediately.

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Hi! I’ve ran into this while playing;

Is this the end? Or is there more which I can’t access? Thank you!

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being sent to the stats screen with no way to exit it means the end of the current content. i’m working on a small update as we speak. thank you!


small update!

  • continued chapter 1 a little
  • added abilities and reputation screens to the stats page
  • retconned tlekiviki’s pronouns

I have one (1) love and it’s Thyllaglasiaal “TRUCK FREAK” the Unfettered.


she loves you

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  • full character creation is now available
  • fixed some minor issues

next update, you’ll get to meet the party in person.

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update… 2

  • fixed a bug where certain choices would prematurely end the demo

if you reached a premature end as a result of a choice earlier today, try again. if you don’t see the “thank you for playing” message when you reach an end, that means i made a mistake, and it would be very helpful if you informed me of the choice that led to it.


I chose Hyakk for my goblin’s name, and got a game ending error.

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believe i’ve fixed that one now, thank you for reporting it!

When choosing queen of swords as the god and human as the race the game ends without the mario message.
Other than that swords are awesome and pizza names for elves are great! Peace.

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  • fixed a bug where making an orc under the serpent or a human under the queen would prematurely end the game if spyheir mode was disabled (thank you @Skystalker and @ghostsnwitches!)
  • retconned initial backer’s name to fit elf naming convention
  • retconned the moonman’s two-attention miracle to “now you see me”
  • retconned light city hallucinations to specifically create auditory illusions
  • changed starting favor from 10 to 30
  • continued chapter 1: you can now meet your party and get in your first combat encounter