OMG, Volume 1: A Lich In Time [Updated 16/6/20]

currently, only moonman clerics have more than one choice in the fowlbeast fight. i intend to add more options in the next update.


Colossally saddened i could not pray to the Narrator Deity. they bestow such great plot armor on their followers and dispatch terrible plot hooks upon the less devout followers.



  • added attention options for non-moonman clerics in the fowlbeast fight
  • minor fixes
  • added a great deal to chapter 1; go fight some summoners, get in a chase sequence, and have an unpleasant conversation with your employer

Woah, awesome update! I feel like we’re finally getting to know the gang as we see all of them in action here and it’s fantastic!

Love that we’ve got a reputation screen now and genuinely can’t wait for the next update :slightly_smiling_face:!

Also, eat dreg Esseniev!

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update! sorry this one’s taken as long as it has.

  • added chapter 2, a time for reconstruction. enter vengabus.
  • added rep achievements
  • minor tweaks and bug fixes

stay tuned for some additional bonus content coming real soon :eye:


Vengabus time! :skull:

I feel like we got a lot of tidbits concerning the world in this one and I quite enjoyed it! From TacoSpell to Bogslist. But the flavour of Kickflip’s haste being graffiti was especially nice and I hope there’ll be more of that personal touch to spells later-on!

I do have a question regarding the face-off with Vengabus, I noticed that on this playthrough, my highest reputation was with Rahman and Z3RK. Does that mean the party members that step forward to protect the MC were determined based on reputation or was that just a happy coincidence?

Also, on the topic of Vengabus, I do believe there is an early end to the demo here, it happens as the option right before accepting/declining is picked:

Anyway, this was good as always and I’m psyched for the bonus content!


Happy accident! Those two just happen to be the most protective people in the main group.

Absolutely! You’ll see : )

I’ll get to that asap, thank you!

Your feedback is helpful as always, I’ll fix this up real quick. <3

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I have once again dragged out what should’ve been a quick update over several days. In the meantime, and while Chalk works their incredible magic, I’ll be posting concept art of the cast. Here’s Z3RK <3


minor update. retconned tony the mimic to gastrow the scumstrider, made some minor tweaks, fixed a few premature ends and other bugs.

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Idk if it’s just my doing or what, but when I click to be a werebeast the game doesn’t acknowledge it and jumps right to picking a name. I’ve had it ask me what kind of werebeast once when I play as an orc but never pops up for other races. :man_shrugging:t2:

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think i’ve found the issue; the trigger for that bug appears to have been an improper connection for moonman followers when spyheir mode is disabled. this will be fixed in the next update, thank you for spotting it!!

bug fix update. fixed a few premature ends, thank you to @Shadyaddams and @ghostsnwitches